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Pickin’ tomatoes

July 28, 2007


Yes I have two tomatoes. These are the only homegrown tomatoes I’ll have this summer. These are the 2nd and 3rd tomato hats I’ve made. One is for a co-worker’s new baby and the other is for a co-worker who wants to give it as a baby gift. They are so easy and quick to knit up. This is the Ann Norling pattern of fruit hats. I used Classic Elite Skye Tweed in tartan red and spruce green. I used size 6 Knit Picks Options needles with a 47″ cable so the entire hat was knit magic loop style. I am NOT a DPN fan so magic loop makes knitting the stem a breeze.




I wound these skeins this morning. They are destined to become a Lucy Bag. That pattern is from the Two Old Bags line. I saw a picture of a bag someone had knit using different colors and I knew immediately I had to knit one. These are the colors I’ve selected but I have a nagging feeling I need some lime green. What do you think? Oh, this is the always reliable Cascade 220. Great felting wool.


This is Lexi. She was sitting on her rug patiently waiting for me to finish “playing” with the yarn. I tried to get her to pose for the picture. This is what she offered:


Hope you have a great weekend and that you find some time to knit!


My name is Kay…..

July 22, 2007


and I am a yarnaholic.  Yes, I need help.  I scared myself so much when we took our Fort Worth trip last March with the amount of yarn I bought that I managed to corral my yarn purchasing for a few months.  I did not go cold turkey but my spending was drastically cut back.  I slipped off the wagon a few weeks ago and here are a few of the individual/project pictures.

I saw a picture of a Lucy Bag knitted with several different colors.  I loved the bag with stripes so much I bought some Cascade 220-great felting yarn-for this project.

Around three months ago I bought the Morning Glory Wrap pattern from Ann Hanson at   This is the yarn I bought yesterday to make that project.  Three skeins of squeezably soft Fiesta Boomerang in the Caribbean colorway.  What I did NOT take pictures of is the mess that pretty skein on the swift became about 10 minutes after I took this picture.  I’ve seen many with uncooperative skeins at the yarn shops.  I have never experienced that but I did today.  I had to wind this yarn into a ball, then I wound the ball into a yarn cake on my winder but then the yarn was “reversed” so I took that yarn cake and wound it into the yarn cake it should have been if I had been successful with the first end.  lol  It still wasn’t cooperative but after about an hour I did have a workable cake of yarn.


I’ve long loved Classic Cotton.  Here are the latest colors I’ve added to my growing stash.  There is the most adorable ruffled edge hat in Knits from the Heart by Kristin Spurkland.  That is what these skeins will become.



And look at this!!  I finished the knitting on this baby blanket this morning.  Now the BIG job is ahead of me….weaving in all those nasty ends.  BTW, the stripe idea is one of Karen’s.  She knitted a darling blanket for her grandson and I decided I’d use her idea on this gift blanket.  I used Plymouth Jeannee yarn.  It’s worsted weight, 51% cotton and 49% acrylic.  The great thing is it’s machine washable and can be dried in the dyer.  That makes it especially baby proof in my books.  This yarn has great drape and is a dream to work with.

While I was busy arranging skeins for pictures someone got nosey.  She is never allowed on the table and rarely ever gets on it-that I see.  Lexi had to inspect the swift and the winder and she spent an incredibly long time sniffing that Fiesta Boomerang.  I wonder if that means she’ll be grabbing a strand while I knit with it?

Since I fully admit my addiction and have confessed my latest “sins” I will post pictures next time of some “enablers”.  I think that is only fair, don’t you?


Soy calcetero

July 16, 2007

I sure do hope I worded that correctly! I was scrolling back through my posts and realized I have minimal knitting content. Maybe that is because I had other things I thought were more important than knitting? Maybe it is because I’ve been knitting on one lonely little baby blanket that is going on and on forever and did not want to bore you with it? Oh well.

I’m on the downhill side of the blanket. I am back to the lime green which will become the ending corner. Then I have the task of weaving in all those ends for the different color changes. Ugh. I promise I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. I’m using Plymouth Jeanee and I highly recommend it for a project such as this. It has a very nice drape, is easy to knit with and can be put in the washer and dryer, a must with a baby blanket.

I recently bought some yarn called Frog Tree. It’s 100% alpaca, sport weight and has some great squish to it. (very important to me!) It is a lovely brick red color which is very difficult for me to find for some reason. I love an orange red and not blue reds which seem to prevail for some reason. I’m sure this yarn is destined to become a scarf and will probably be sent off to the Red Scarf Project 2008.

When we took our Fort Worth trip back in March I bought several skeins of red yarn and hopefully will get those worked up into gift scarves for the Red Scarf Project. I am so definitely a process knitter. I knit to relax and I don’t care if it is a square, a rectangle , a tube or a circle. It all has that zen like effect on me and I feel all is right with the world.

Today at noon I decided to pick up the needles and knit a few rows on the blanket. A certain green eyed kitty decided she was jealous I guess. I had dropped the skein of yarn I was knitting from and pretty soon she was trying to chew on it. It rolled when I dropped it so a nice length of it was unwound. It didn’t take long for her to hook one paw under a strand and take off running to the living room. She ended up taking the skein for a short trip as I was near the end of it. I got up to get the yarn and she comes walking back like a relay racer who was coming back to check how well they did. lol She is such a cute little scoot.

A Niece….

July 15, 2007


This is my niece, Caitlin.  Her mom took these pictures of her and her boyfriend before they went to her Junior Prom.  If you met my sister when she was here a few weeks ago you probably can see this young gal looks just like her mom.  I think the only item her father gave her was her big eyes.  lol

This is the gal who was being watched for a possible soccer scholarship.  We don’t know the outcome of that scholarship as yet.  If she gets it she’ll be ok if she doesn’t she will be ok too.  She is a great goalie but she gets very bored waiting for the action to come to her.  lol  She plays league soccer in her town and is goalie on the top rated team.  I think that means she is excellent at what she does.  She is also a great basketball player.  She is starting to re-think her sports passion as she plays a position in basketball where she sees all the action.  Oh well, time will tell.

On the knitting front:  I’m still plugging away at that baby blanket.  The baby will be a month old on the 24th.  Today is the 15th…hmmmmm…..she might get it before she turns 2 months old!  lol  At least it is summer and she really isn’t in need of a good blanket right now.

I spotted a cute bag made from Mission Falls wool.  It is called Biba and the colors are me all the way.  The only downside is the front flap is intarsia.  Ugh.  I may have to study that idea for awhile before I take that plunge.

I guess I’m just like everyone else, all kinds of wants and wishes to knit but never enough time.

If only I could get Lexi to do some of the housework……


Yes, I have a favorite nephew…..

July 8, 2007


Yes, I do have a favorite nephew.  When I used to tell Keaton he was my favorite nephew he’d bust into this huge grin.  He was about 3 or 4 at the time.  Somewhere between my visits his mother told him he was my ONLY nephew and ruined our little secret.  Punk little sisters, what are they good for?   lol  But I digress, this is a picture of my now 14 year old nephew playing his favorite sport, LaCrosse.  I swear he grows a foot every time I see him.  He will be a tall guy for sure.


I don’t know much of anything about LaCrosse except that he was the only 8th grader invited to the high school LaCrosse camp.  I guess that means he is good.  lol  He could be running across this field trying to capture butterflies and I’d be impressed.  He is a gentle soul and is a very sweet natured kid.  He never ends a conversation with me that he doesn’t tell me he loves me.


And if I was a 14 year old gal I’d surely be in love with this handsome guy.

I also want to give some credit for the pictures I posted earlier in the week in the Sea to Shining Sea post.  All of the pictures taken in Tulsa and of the OKC Bombing Memorial were taken by my sister when she was here in December.  She is a great photographer.  She teaches photography in the junior high where she teaches.  She does knit but it’s a minor hobby to her.  Her main hobby is photography along with jewelry making, mixed media art and remodeling her house.  She is great with a hammer and nails and a paint brush.   Later in the week I’ll post pictures of the deck she built in her back yard.

My sister was here for a few days last week.  I had the privilege of driving her all over the OKC metro area.  Whew.  I’m tired of driving.  lol  I took her to Gourmet Yarn to meet Margaret and crew.  Carol has visited a few yarn shops in Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins so she does have a clue.  But when we were leaving GY she said Margaret had a wonderful shop.  She was very impressed and commented on the displays in the shop and the fantastic selection of yarn.    She also said Margaret had created a very comfortable and welcoming environment and she’d feel right at home coming in to sit and knit.  (Unbiased review….I did not say anything to her ahead of time other than I wanted to take her there.)

Knitting front:  I’m still plugging away on the baby blanket.  At least I’m on the downhill slide.   lol  I feel confident in saying the blanket gift will be wrapped around the baby before the heat of summer disappears.   Several people at knit-in last night were working on the Mystery Stole.   I loved the bits of what I saw.   I haven’t decided what I’ll pick up after the blanket is finished.  Red Scarf Project 2008 is looming.  I have one scarf on the needles and might need to start a second.  We’ll see.

It’s been nice having the last week off.  I so dread going back to work tomorrow.  Ugh.

From Sea to Shining Sea…

July 2, 2007

When Firefly first posted about this effort I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I thought I’d work on this post long before the 4th of July and not procrastinate as I most likely do. But I did. I have had many thoughts roll thru my mind about what to post and could not make up my mind.

If you ask many people who have never visited Oklahoma about our state we find out they think we still have cowboys, indians and teepees here. I have to laugh because we do have cowboys and native americans and I’m sure there may be a teepee around or more than one but I’ve not seen any as of late. Instead this is what I have to offer:




These are a few of the sites from Tulsa.

There are many who had their mental images of Oklahoma change on April 19, 1995. These pictures were taken in December of 2006.




This picture is of the building that was supposed to be our capital:


While our state was forming some thieves from Oklahoma City slipped up to Guthrie and stole the state seal. This is the capital building built in Guthrie which was supposed to be our capital. Now it is a Scottish Rite building, part of the Freemasonary.

Here is our capital today:


The building was built minus the dome. The dome project started in 2000. I happened to move to OKC in August of that year. My office had the perfect view of the capital and I am happy to say I had a daily view of the dome project. It was really neat to watch, especially when they used a helicopter to lower the statue on the top. That took two tries to get it lowered and secured.


Oklahoma was admitted to the Union on November 16th, 1907 as the 46th state. That means our great state will celebrate it’s 100th birthday later this year. I apologize I do not have any pictures of the amber waves of grain. We’ve had 16+ days of rain and that is highly unusual for this state. I’ve heard our wheat farmers are not doing well as the fields are too soggy to get the equipment in to harvest those precious grains.

If you have not visited Oklahoma I’d like to extend an invitation to do so. The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial is one of the most visited sites in our state. It is a beautiful memorial and remembers those who lost their lives well.

In Tulsa we have an aquarium, fine examples of art deco architecture, ORU, University of Tulsa, Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook Museum and lots of great shopping.

In Oklahoma City we have the Bombing Memorial, Myriad Gardens, Cowboy Hall of Fame, Bricktown, Remington Park and Frontier City just to name a few.

And I thank Firefly for allowing me to represent a great state of which I’ve been a lifelong resident.

Oklahoma is the Heartland. One of 50 great states.


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