My name is Kay…..


and I am a yarnaholic.  Yes, I need help.  I scared myself so much when we took our Fort Worth trip last March with the amount of yarn I bought that I managed to corral my yarn purchasing for a few months.  I did not go cold turkey but my spending was drastically cut back.  I slipped off the wagon a few weeks ago and here are a few of the individual/project pictures.

I saw a picture of a Lucy Bag knitted with several different colors.  I loved the bag with stripes so much I bought some Cascade 220-great felting yarn-for this project.

Around three months ago I bought the Morning Glory Wrap pattern from Ann Hanson at   This is the yarn I bought yesterday to make that project.  Three skeins of squeezably soft Fiesta Boomerang in the Caribbean colorway.  What I did NOT take pictures of is the mess that pretty skein on the swift became about 10 minutes after I took this picture.  I’ve seen many with uncooperative skeins at the yarn shops.  I have never experienced that but I did today.  I had to wind this yarn into a ball, then I wound the ball into a yarn cake on my winder but then the yarn was “reversed” so I took that yarn cake and wound it into the yarn cake it should have been if I had been successful with the first end.  lol  It still wasn’t cooperative but after about an hour I did have a workable cake of yarn.


I’ve long loved Classic Cotton.  Here are the latest colors I’ve added to my growing stash.  There is the most adorable ruffled edge hat in Knits from the Heart by Kristin Spurkland.  That is what these skeins will become.



And look at this!!  I finished the knitting on this baby blanket this morning.  Now the BIG job is ahead of me….weaving in all those nasty ends.  BTW, the stripe idea is one of Karen’s.  She knitted a darling blanket for her grandson and I decided I’d use her idea on this gift blanket.  I used Plymouth Jeannee yarn.  It’s worsted weight, 51% cotton and 49% acrylic.  The great thing is it’s machine washable and can be dried in the dyer.  That makes it especially baby proof in my books.  This yarn has great drape and is a dream to work with.

While I was busy arranging skeins for pictures someone got nosey.  She is never allowed on the table and rarely ever gets on it-that I see.  Lexi had to inspect the swift and the winder and she spent an incredibly long time sniffing that Fiesta Boomerang.  I wonder if that means she’ll be grabbing a strand while I knit with it?

Since I fully admit my addiction and have confessed my latest “sins” I will post pictures next time of some “enablers”.  I think that is only fair, don’t you?




  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    Wonderful yarn!!!

    Lexi is SO CUTE!

    And hey, I have no problem with my yarn buying….so don’t count me as an enabler. I love to buy yarn and I’m proud of it!!! : ) I think you need to cut yourself some slack! ; )

  2. 2
    katie Says:

    Cute blanket! I love the stripes. And now Plymouth Jeannee is going on my list of “baby yarns” to purchase….

  3. 3
    Amanda Says:

    I absolutely love this blanket. It is simple but very unique, and the colors are perfect!

  4. 4
    scotty Says:

    I love Fiesta Boomerang too.

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