Saturday Knitting stuff



I’ve been knitting but I don’t feel like I’ve gotten very far. The bit of knitting in the top picture is history. I’ve frogged it and I’ll cast on again for the 3rd or 4th time? Oh well. I can’t keep track. This is the start of the Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson at She writes a very well written pattern that contains the line by line instructions people like me prefer and also the charts for those who have good eyes and can count squares. The problem is with me not the pattern. I remember reading somewhere that you should read the entire pattern before you start. What is it about that phrase that makes me so defiant? That reminds me about that quiz a couple of my teachers in junior high and high school would give. Did you ever take this? The teacher would pass out a quiz. She would state that whoever finished first accurately would earn points or something along that line. There would be 20 items on the page. Item 1 would state to read all 20 items before beginning the quiz. Item 2 would tell you to stand up and recite your name aloud and take your seat. Item 3 would be something else like putting a mark on your page or something. And so it would go until item 20 where it would state: do nothing, sign your name at the top of the page and remain quiet until everyone else is finished. That’s what I think of when I don’t read the whole pattern and then see something long after I’ve started knitting that would be very important to the execution of the pattern. In this instance it is the SSK. My knitting reference books state to slip the stitches as if to purl unless otherwise stated. So jumping in with both feet and head first that is what I did. I noticed as I knitted along that one side of the fan of stitches had one stitch that was more pronounced than the other side. I bet that is why Anne wrote in her instructions that SSK is slip as if to KNIT. I guess I’ll be finding out! lol

This is Fiesta Boomerang in the Caribbean colorway. It’s extrafine superwash merino. I’m using size 10 Knit Pick’s Option needles. I’m getting 4 inches to the stitch as per the gauge of the pattern. Of course it states to use size 9 needles but as per usual with me I knit tighter and end up having to go up a size.

The second picture is my current mindless knitting that I take when knitting with friends. This is the Multi-directional scarf written by the ladies at Simpatico in Fort Worth. We got this free pattern when we took our trip last March. It’s very striking when knitted with self patterning sock yarn. I’m using Cascade Sassy Stripes, 75% wool and 25% nylon. This is the Meridith colorway and I’m using size 5 Knit Pick’s Options needles. Do you think a guy might wear this scarf? It will end up going to Red Scarf Project. I figured the lavender might be acceptable since it’s in minimal amounts. Or if it goes to a gal that would be great.

Lexi had a beauty day today. She’s shedding horribly so I took the Zoom Groom to her twice, that is until she tried to bite me. lol Lexi loves to be combed and brushed but when she is through you better stop. If not she pounces like an attack cat. Later when she drifted off for her afternoon nap I took advantage of her sleepy state and clipped her nails. Whew. She doesn’t usually fight me but does sometimes. Today was a snap.

Hope all is well in your world and that your weekend is filled with the zen of knitting.

Doesn’t she look battle ready? Take note of those lock-n-load back toes hooked into the carpet…she’s ready to LAUNCH!  lol



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    Oh my gosh…..Lexi is my Dharma’s twin……….

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