Observations in a grocery store…..

This post has been simmering in my mind for quite awhile now.  I’ve made these observations in the grocery store for several years and decided to write a post about it. 

Has anyone else noticed the “different” shopping style of men in a grocery store?  I’ve noticed the following:

1.  The male shopper who parks his cart in the middle of the aisle while trying to find an item thus blocking any other shoppers from passing by without moving his cart.

2.  The male shopper who darts to various points within the grocery store like a ping pong ball gone wild.  No obvious intent of what he is shopping for but zooming wildly ( and beyond normal speed limits) inside the store bouncing from the produce to the milk to the meats to the front and back to the cheese section.  Obviously not well versed in the layout of the store and also putting off the hostile angry vibe of “having” to do this shopping. 

3.  There is the male shopper who walks beside the shopping cart with his hand on it like it is his partner. 

4.  There is the male shopper who walks in FRONT of the cart and pulls it behind him like it’s a wagon.  I often wonder if he is afraid it isn’t manly to walk behind the cart with his hands on the bar made to push and manuever said cart? 

5.  There is the male shopper who stands in a daze, eyes glazed over looking for some item on the shelf.  You know someone sent him there and he has no clue how to find the item.  I think it must be in the same category of asking for directions and that is why he will stand and search forever instead of asking for help. 

I know there are annoying female shoppers also.   I think female shoppers are more likely to invade someone’s personal space than a male shopper. 

And last night while stopping at the dismal former Alber*sons for a few items I was rather surprised to see my first female shopper walking beside the cart holding the side like I’ve only seen men do before. 

Anyway, this is a rambling post about nothing except my observations.  Anyone else notice these things also?


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    Linda Says:

    Oh yeah. I just love whining until mine agrees to pick up “girl stuff” for me, then seeing just how much other stuff he buys too. Disguises I guess….

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