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The Perfect Stitches East Gift

October 29, 2007

When we were at Stitches East 2007 in Baltimore there were so many vendors and booths to visit it was overwhelming. Imagine my surprise when I’m browsing thru yarn only to see this auto tag frame:


I knew instantly whose car this frame belonged on. Terri’s!!! So we buy the frame and then we put our heads together and decide we are going to install this on Terri’s car when she isn’t looking. Job complete!! Now how long will it take her to realize it’s on her car? Two days. I figured Kevin would notice it and mention it to her but that isn’t what happened. Terri works at a LARGE air force base. Needless to say the parking lot is huge. Unbeknownst to us, Terri searches for her car by the license plate. lol So that is how she realized she was FRAMED!!! If only we had been there to see the confusion on her face. lol


Christmas vs Holiday

October 26, 2007

This is going to be a rant, my blog I can say what I want, right? ūüôā I¬†celebrate Christmas.¬† I often hear others wishing people Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa. It does not offend me. But what does someone mean when they say something offends them?¬† They mean they don’t AGREE with it or they don’t BELIEVE in it.¬† It isn’t forcing anything on anyone.¬† If you don’t agree or believe in it do not participate.¬† Christmas is a part of our culture for the majority of us and if our culture offends someone maybe they should move to a place where the culture is different.¬† When we change the names of our parties from Christmas party to Holiday party aren’t we yielding to the individual instead of the majority? ¬† (Hmmm…seeing that statement makes me think of a time in history that one individual made the majority abide by his personal beliefs.¬† Remember Hitler?¬† )¬† Aren’t we¬† free to celebrate the holidays or events in our lives that are our tradition or part of our history? So with that thought in mind, why is it that those of us who choose to celebrate the birth of Christ and use the word Christmas have to be held hostage by those who don’t?¬† I recently heard that a group has to call their party held in December a holiday party because one person decided she is offended by hearing the word Christmas.¬† Isn’t¬† that be forcing others or the majority¬†to conform to your personal beliefs as opposed to allowing freedom for all? Do we have to be so politically correct that we erase parts of our culture in order to accommodate others? It has gotten to the point that I am offended when I hear the word HOLIDAY. Rant over.

Stitches East….the yarn

October 21, 2007


This post will be about the yarns I bought at Stitches East 2007. First, there was no way I could shop at each booth as there were so many and we only went one day. We had tickets to attend for 3 days but we never made it back. There is A LOT to do in that area. Whew! When I attend my next event I’ll know to plan for more time and to take a very comfortable tote to carry my purchases. This is my clapotis and I’d guesstimate I’m about 1/3 into it. I think the colors are prettier in person. For some reason my camera isn’t flashing with all pictures this morning.


The picture above is what I have left of the Noro Silk Garden.img_0885.jpg

This is Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort. I’ve long drooled over the Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style. I’ve started that scarf a few times with other yarns and was never happy with the product so all were frogged. But this violet above is the same yarn used in the book so I’ll try it once again. Wish me luck!



These two pictures of are super merino sock from Tess Designer Yarns out of Portland, Maine. Her booth was a flurry of activity and if you could feel the yarn you’d know why. She has dyed yarn for over 23 years and she has it down to an art. I bought two different skeins, one for socks and another for a child’s victorian t-shirt.


This is the Noro Kureyon I bought for 40% off. This is only one bag but rest assured I have enough to knit Lizard Ridge. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!


These are my two skeins of Brook’s Farms Acero. This is the yarn I wanted to cuddle at night before I went to sleep. (just ask Marjie lol) This is a family run dying operation in Lancaster, Texas. I’ve seen their website and read other’s reviews of their yarn but I’d never been able to touch it before. Well, I’m in love. I bought this to knit The Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson. I asked the lady at the booth if they would ever open a shop. The answer was no. She said she can’t run a shop when she has yarn to dye and she can’t dye yarn if she’s running a shop. Oh well. At least now I’ve touched and felt her yarn so I know what I’d get if I order online. img_0891.jpg

These are four skeins of the softest organic cotton I’ve ever touched. This booth was the Appalachian Baby Design. They had some of the loveliest baby garments and blanket. This yarn is made from Texas cotton but is processed in West Virginia I believe. The lady at the booth told us it washes up nicely and gets even more soft in the dryer. Yum. I get high just squeezing it in a yarn cake! lol img_0881.jpg

What is this? Well, it’s tomato hat number 4. Classic Elite Skye Tweed because it gives it a “real” appearance. Gotta get it done pretty quick as it is a gift and gets put first on the priority list. Clapotis, never fear, I’ll return soon. I promise!

Stitches East 2007—Last Friday

October 19, 2007

Look at this happy trio.¬† And those smiling faces are on the bodies of the gals who walked on concrete all day long shopping for deals that couldn’t be found at home.¬†¬† And notice all those bags?¬†¬† That is probably as close as you’ll get to figuring out what we all bought.¬† lol¬†¬† Those lime green bags saved our lives.¬†¬† The first major booth we came to had bags of Noro for 40% off.¬†¬† We could not resist!¬†¬† But the vendor at that booth, Woolstock of Glyndon, MD., had pretty bags with handles that were not finger friendly for carrying around for hours. ¬† Pretty soon Karen and Jan found a booth that sold these lime green bags for $5 unless you made a purchase and then they were free.¬† We all got one so we could spare our fingers. ¬† Ugh.¬† That is a lesson learned.


This next group of pictures were taken in our hotel lobby.   Once we returned to the hotel and rested a bit we traipsed down to the sofas and started knitting with our brand new  yarn.  Well, three of us did.  lol  Jan resisted until she completed the washcloth she was working on before Stitches.


Here is Marjie winding one of her purchases by hand.¬† I am not exaggerating…she wound MANY skeins of yarn by¬† hand during our stay.¬†¬† She started a beautiful jacket that requires many color changes.


And see that huge grin on Karen’s face?¬† She was swatching with some Noro she bought at Stitches.¬† It is going to be a very pretty knit.¬†¬† The color changes are wonderful and the yarn is very different than other Noro’s.¬† I believe the yarn she bought is called¬† Tidiori.¬† It’s very pretty.


That’s all I have for tonight.¬†¬† I was reminiscing earlier that it was only one week ago we were all in knitting heaven knitting and watching our new purchases grow into different projects. ¬† We really had a great time and I’ll show more later on.

Stitches East 2007

October 17, 2007




The trip started very nicely.¬†¬† I ran into these pole dancers in DFW.¬† They all three do a pole justice, don’t you think?

 More later!! 

Back, tired and loaded

October 16, 2007

We’re back.¬†¬† Dallas weather left us with 5 hours at DFW.¬†¬† My wagon is not even in the same room with me.¬†¬† I may have left it in bed…but it’s surely draggin somewhere.¬†¬† Update and pictures later.¬† Stay tuned.

Riding off into the sunrise….

October 9, 2007

I used to have a fantasy when my son was younger.¬† It was the typical I want to leave this place and drive off into the sunset. ¬† Only I was quirky, I had my son right beside me in those fantasies.¬† But now I’m going to ride off into the sunrise.¬†¬† I’m going here.¬†¬†¬† I’m excited and anxious all at the same time.¬† I keep going over the vendor list and making my plans of the booths I want to hit first.¬† I have a feeling I won’t be the only one targeting certain vendors first.¬† Anyway, I hope to take bunches of pictures, see some sites, have some fun and knit a bit.¬†¬† Aunt Lisa is coming over to take care of the Lexi girl.¬†¬† Let’s hope she makes sure the doors are shut tight.¬†¬† ūüôā

What fun!

October 8, 2007

I P1010198 M alpha omega K N letter i t. t E R Exclamation point

Go here to have fun.