Stitches East 2007—Last Friday

Look at this happy trio.  And those smiling faces are on the bodies of the gals who walked on concrete all day long shopping for deals that couldn’t be found at home.   And notice all those bags?   That is probably as close as you’ll get to figuring out what we all bought.  lol   Those lime green bags saved our lives.   The first major booth we came to had bags of Noro for 40% off.   We could not resist!   But the vendor at that booth, Woolstock of Glyndon, MD., had pretty bags with handles that were not finger friendly for carrying around for hours.   Pretty soon Karen and Jan found a booth that sold these lime green bags for $5 unless you made a purchase and then they were free.  We all got one so we could spare our fingers.   Ugh.  That is a lesson learned.


This next group of pictures were taken in our hotel lobby.   Once we returned to the hotel and rested a bit we traipsed down to the sofas and started knitting with our brand new  yarn.  Well, three of us did.  lol  Jan resisted until she completed the washcloth she was working on before Stitches.


Here is Marjie winding one of her purchases by hand.  I am not exaggerating…she wound MANY skeins of yarn by  hand during our stay.   She started a beautiful jacket that requires many color changes.


And see that huge grin on Karen’s face?  She was swatching with some Noro she bought at Stitches.  It is going to be a very pretty knit.   The color changes are wonderful and the yarn is very different than other Noro’s.  I believe the yarn she bought is called  Tidiori.  It’s very pretty.


That’s all I have for tonight.   I was reminiscing earlier that it was only one week ago we were all in knitting heaven knitting and watching our new purchases grow into different projects.   We really had a great time and I’ll show more later on.



  1. Y’all had way too much fun! sooo jealous

  2. 2
    Rosemary Says:

    I bet it was totally awesome! Did you find the vendors had good show-pricing on their things?

  3. 3

    First, I did not visit every booth so I can’t say many had good show-prices. I focused on vendors who sold yarn I couldn’t get here in OKC (with the exception of the Noro). The booth that had Noro was selling bags of it 40% off. I could not pass that up especially since I want to make Lizard Ridge. When I did see yarns that I was familiar with, the prices were the same as always. My favorite booths/vendors were Tess Designer Yarns (out of Portland, Maine), Brooks Farms (out of Lancaster, Texas) and Appalacian Baby Design (West Virginia) with the softest organic cotton I’ve ever felt.

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