Christmas vs Holiday

This is going to be a rant, my blog I can say what I want, right? 🙂 I celebrate Christmas.  I often hear others wishing people Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa. It does not offend me. But what does someone mean when they say something offends them?  They mean they don’t AGREE with it or they don’t BELIEVE in it.  It isn’t forcing anything on anyone.  If you don’t agree or believe in it do not participate.  Christmas is a part of our culture for the majority of us and if our culture offends someone maybe they should move to a place where the culture is different.  When we change the names of our parties from Christmas party to Holiday party aren’t we yielding to the individual instead of the majority?   (Hmmm…seeing that statement makes me think of a time in history that one individual made the majority abide by his personal beliefs.  Remember Hitler?  )  Aren’t we  free to celebrate the holidays or events in our lives that are our tradition or part of our history? So with that thought in mind, why is it that those of us who choose to celebrate the birth of Christ and use the word Christmas have to be held hostage by those who don’t?  I recently heard that a group has to call their party held in December a holiday party because one person decided she is offended by hearing the word Christmas.  Isn’t  that be forcing others or the majority to conform to your personal beliefs as opposed to allowing freedom for all? Do we have to be so politically correct that we erase parts of our culture in order to accommodate others? It has gotten to the point that I am offended when I hear the word HOLIDAY. Rant over.



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    Karen Says:


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    Linda Says:

    Hmmm…I’m not a Christian, but I’m not bothered by being told Merry Christmas. But by the same token, most belief systems have some sort of mid-winter celebration. Is it so terrible, when you’re talking about trying to bring people together for fellowship and fun, to try to be inclusive instead of exclusive? I’m not talking about a private party, but a public event.

    But like you said – your blog. Your opinion. And you’re certainly entitled and I do understand the frustration. It does seem like there are people who just look for ways to be offended, but if you’re talking about what I think you are, it wasn’t presented as I won’t come if you call it a Christmas party, it was a reminder that not everyone celebrates Christmas. At least that’s how I took it.

    Still looking for the rest of the story from the Baltimore trip….

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    Michelle Says:

    I’m with you, but then, Christmas aside, I am extremely tired of “victims” who seem to feel that others should change to suit their preferences. I don’t like Halloween, but I don’t snipe at the kids who come to my door for candy or complain to co-workers who decorate with skeletons and monsters.

    If a person chooses to be offended, don’t they also have the right to choose not to attend? Why make others change?

    If the event is intended to be a Christmas party, does the intent change by changing the title?

  4. 4
    Anita Roesler Says:

    The holiday party vs Christmas party doesn’t offend me (and I’m an active Christian). In the last couple of years (dealing with life and death issues) I’ve discovered that a lot of things that previously bothered me are not worth getting upset. My general theory is “if nobody dies, then it’s okay”. But like you said, your blog…..

  5. 5
    mg Says:

    Ahhh…that time of year again when a store owner doesn’t know what to say. Maybe if everyone comes in with a label on their forehead to let us know if the word Christmas or Holiday offends them. lol

  6. 6
    Robin Says:

    I agree. I am tired of people being offended by what we say when we are only trying to be polite. It would be totally different if we were obnoxious and saying things that would hurt the other person. Saying Merry Christmas shouldn’t have to be a “sticky” situation. It has become so commercialized now that most people are just celerbrating the gift giving and Santa anyway. Say what you prefer and if someone gets bent out of shape ignore them.

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    Understand that there have been organized efforts to undermine Christmas for many years. We are only now beginning to see the accumulated affects of relentless campaigns being carried out to not only de-Christianize the public square, but to make Christians uncomfortable practicing their religion in this Christian nation, founded by Christians, and maintained by Christians who do the living, dying and working for this land. How is it that, let’s say non-Christian merchants, who make the bulk of their years’ profits from Christmas, would not only participate in, but lead the charge to insult the people who practice it, and the people who are the source of their revenues?
    The answer is – hostility, contempt and downright hate for Christians, for their religious rituals, and their Christian way of life. They carry out these dastardly assaults under the claim of being “inclusive”. If 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas, who are they including? Their desire is to take Christian money while slapping Christian culture in the face. Every time a Christian sees the word “holiday” instead of Christmas, they should not buy the magazine, the product, nor attend the advertised event. Break the financial backs of these idiots who believe they can insult our God to our faces without impunity.

  8. 8
    cc Says:

    Always good when a Christian stand up for one’s self. Does it seem like this is the time when the Christians are being persecuted? Now is the time to proclaim our faith, not deny it. I applaude your courage.

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  10. 10
    Tiffany Says:

    I believe that it should stay Christmas. That is what our country was founded by, is religion. I believe that if we need to say happy holidays so we do not offend the muslims or any other religion then there is really something wrong with that. This is our country and if they do not want to celebrate CHRISTMAS with us then they need to go back home. I understand that there are different religions, but does the government really think it is smarter to upset millions of people or just hundreds?

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    Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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