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My nephew dog….Chancey

November 26, 2007


Isn’t he a good lookin’ boy?   This is my nephew dog, Chance.   He’s about 10 years old and is an Okie by birth.   My sister had already moved to Colorado when they decided to get a dog.   Did you know registered dogs are cheaper in Oklahoma?  lol   Well, labs were when Chance was born.   So while he was Oklahoma born he has grown up in Colorado.


He’s a very sweet boy and loves his mama something fierce.

Don’t tell Lexi, but I love on him lots when I go visit.



Schaefer Andrea Jane Adams

November 25, 2007


On a recent trip to Tulsa I found the Schaefer Andrea Reversible Lace Scarf.   I fell in love with it but the shop did not have any colors of Andrea that I loved.   On a quest to find that perfect  colorway, I ordered the skein above.   It’s Schaefer Andrea in the Jane Adams colorway.   I knew it was more pink than I care for but had hoped that it was more of the deeper pink red color of old fashioned roses.   I was soooo wrong.   (hazards of buying online-sight unseen)   Anyway, I know variegated yarn often looks very different in yarn cake form.  So now the skein is this:


I would say that is a pretty accurate representation of the color.   And it’s too pink for me.   I have enough red and pink in my skin to wear it without having a Rudolph effect!  lol   I am thinking of listing it on ebay but thought I’d try here first, save the money on listing fees.   If you are interested please send an email to kay_okc AT yahoo dot com.

FYI:   Schaefer Yarn Andrea 100% silk, Approx. 3.5 oz/1093 yds.   Gauge 8 stitches to the inch.    $47.25

Official confirmation

November 23, 2007

I was born and have lived in Oklahoma all my life. Because of that I can remember various people mention that Oklahoma is a “northern state” or in the “midwest” or argue that Oklahoma is not part of the south. I can remember in my late teens or early 20’s paying attention to geographic references to prove that Oklahoma is truly part of the south. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had about this. I was surfing around in wikipedia the other day and found this.

That’s all I need. So to those of you who still want to argue this point. Stuff it! 🙂

I am still plugging along on the clapotis. I am now half way thru skein 8. Since the weather has finally turned cold I am really anxious to finish this. When I finish a row I often wrap it around my shoulders and let the warmth settle in. I’m really going to like this clappy.

My plans for the day are to go up to Gourmet Yarn and get some help with my 3 button wrap. I have that problem in the cable area and know I can get help repairing it. I can’t say often enough how soft that Plymouth Royal Llama Silk is. If I could afford it I’d knit a blanket out of it. lol

Not much else to say. I am steering clear of all malls and large box stores this weekend. Probably for the next month! lol Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and find all the deals you hope for if you’re out shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 21, 2007


Sunday Stuff….

November 18, 2007


Had to go to Dallas for a few days and took the ole clapotis to work on. I’m making good progress except the fun part of running the drop stitch on this isn’t fun. I’m using Noro’s Silk Garden and because of the mohair content the stitch might drop one level and then stops. That means I have to work the stitch all the way down. Ugh. This picture shows where I am with 7 skeins. I will use all of the 8th and possibly half of the 9th before I start the decrease which will be the end. Not bad for one month’s work, huh?


On my way out of Dallas I swung by The Woolie Ewe. I wanted some Rowan Pure Wool DK and had checked it out on their website to know they did carry it. Unfortunately, they only had 4 of the 8 colors I wanted. These are the four. Very fall colors and I am going to use them in the Modern Quilt Wrap from


I also recently bought these colors of Mission Falls 1824 Wool to make my nephew a hat. You can see the hat in the picture but I will not include the bobbles on the edge of the hat. I think he’ll like crazy hat minus the bobbles. lol At least I hope he will.


This is how far I am on the 3 button wrap. I was sailing along and everything was fine. Then I did what EZ recommends and stopped to admire my work. And yep, there it was….a miscrossed stitch in the cable area. I dropped those 3 stitches down to repair only I don’t have a clue of how to do that. Maybe I need to make a trip north…..Mom??????????? 🙂

Beauty School Drop-out

November 11, 2007

Ok, so I’ve been “outed”   by a fellow knitter.   I love the look of intarsia.   I fell in love with it when I was just a toddler in the knitting world.  Remember the Child’s Sheep Scarf in Vogue Knitting on the Go Scarves?   It had two small sheep knitted in intarsia on each end of the scarf.   I loved those sheep!   At the time, my director at work, was the perfect person for that scarf.   Yes, he’d wear it with a big smile as he loved the “gentleman (sheep) farmer” hat he wore after work.  I knew I had to knit that scarf.   So I got some yarn and sat down determined to figure it out myself.  HA!  That is when I knew I needed a class.  Fast forward to last week.   I signed up for Linda’s Intarsia class at Gourmet Yarn Company.  Now I’ve fiddled with intarsia over the last 3 years and I did have a clue.   I got so frustrated and fed-up with those fiddly ends that I quit middle of the class.  So I am now officially an “intarsia school drop-out”.

Here is a funny side-note to this “outing”.  I knew there was a song title about a drop-out and thought it was beauty school and from the movie Grease but I know my memory well enough that I wanted to confirm I was on the right page.   I plugged “beauty school drop-out” into a browser and guess what?????   There is a knitter with that as her blog title!!  What a cool coincidence.

Yesterday Marjie and I made a last minute dash up to Tulsa.  And yes we did visit two yarn shops.   We were chatting with one of the ladies who worked at the first shop and you’ll never guess what she told us.   She said her favorite shop to visit when she came to OKC was none other than Margaret’s Gourmet Yarn.  She went on to say how much she loved Margaret’s selections.  But even better yet, she said they LOVED this woman:


She said Sandy was so nice and so helpful that they loved coming to see her.  Sandy!!  You have fans!   And what a nice testament to Gourmet Yarn.

I don’t know that I’m ready to talk about my purchases.  But I bet if you ask Marjie, she’ll gladly spill her beans.   🙂

BEWARE……..of Yarn Pushers!!!

November 3, 2007


This is Sandy.  You may recognize her from Gourmet Yarn.  Yes she is one sweet and kind lady.   But don’t let that sweetness fool you.  She is an evil yarn pusher.  Do you hear me?  Evil!!   Yes, Sandy will lead you down the road to temptation before you can blink an eye.   Why am I warning you about this nice and normally wonderful woman?   I have to backup just a bit to give you the foundation for this warning.   As many of you know, I went to Stitches East in Baltimore a few weeks ago with some good friends.   And being the good friends we are to each other we made sure everyone saw our “finds” so that all of us could obtain the same goodies.   Needless to say, I spent WAY more than I had planned that single day we spent at that event.   Shoot, I spent more than I planned on spending the entire day at the first vendor we visited!!  lol   But anyway, I came back to Norman vowing not to buy anymore yarn until after Christmas.   There is NOTHING I need bad enough to buy more yarn for a few months.   Last Sunday, I decided to drive into OKC to visit with Margaret and Nancy at Gourmet Yarn.   Nancy had just returned from California from a visit with her mother.   They had to evacuate because of the fires and I wanted to hear about it.   I had my list of errands and stops to make.   GY was #3 on the list and I had alloted myself an hour to visit.  Visit only.   I walk in and the gals are gathered around knitting.   Nancy is telling fire stories so I grab a seat and listen.   Pretty soon I notice Liz is knitting a pretty green item.   I inquire.   Sandy jumps in and tells me about the one Margaret wore the other day and how fun it was to knit.   Nancy hops up and goes into Margaret’s office to retrieve this wrap.   (They work in tandem…..that is allllllllllllll part of their game.)   She brings it out and drops it in my lap.   This is Nancy in the picture below.   She that big smile.   She’s hiding her evil yarn-enabling laugh behind that smile.   Watch her.


Meanwhile Margaret is sitting on the sofa knitting acting all innocent like.   Listen to me when I say there is no innocent bone in her body!!  She has trained these gals well.   She sits back and lets them work their magic!!   So I fondle this 3 button wrap and inquire about the pattern.   The next thing I know Nancy is dragging me to the yarn.  TO THE YARN!!!  She grabs a skein of each color and tosses them on top of the counter.   She’s almost cocky now.   She knows I’ve nibbled the bait and it’s tasting good!!   I pick up a skein of Plymouth Royal Llama Silk and it’s wonderful.   I’ve been bitten!!


The next thing I know this sweet “innocent” is behind the counter ringing me up.  $70 later I’m walking out of the door in a daze wondering what on earth happened to me.   I only came in to visit.   I had promised myself I would not buy any yarn.   I was feeling good, confident and in control.   HA!  So you are now officially warned.   These women are pure evil.   I’ve never met any better yarn pushers.   They are a well tuned machine.  So guard  your checkbooks, credit cards and cash….no matter  how many promises you make to yourself they will work together to make sure you cave.


Tonight was the November Knit-In.   I thought it might be a slow night as I knew of several who were not able to attend.  (terri, carolyn, amanda, jan)   But we had a full house.   This little trio in the picture above wore their crowns with glee.   I wondered if they were that starved for attention??   Just kidding!!   Sherri and Jennifer knitted up these crowns and then made a special one for Margaret.  Please note hers is the crown for a jester.   😉   They know her well!!


This is Brooke, Karen’s granddaughter from Louisiana.   Isn’t she cute?   She is learning to knit from the master.   Believe me, this young gal is her grandmother’s granddaughter thru and thru.

Well, that is all I have tonight.    As per usual, I’ve frogged my three button wrap two times and am starting on my third try.  Maybe this time…………