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Had to go to Dallas for a few days and took the ole clapotis to work on. I’m making good progress except the fun part of running the drop stitch on this isn’t fun. I’m using Noro’s Silk Garden and because of the mohair content the stitch might drop one level and then stops. That means I have to work the stitch all the way down. Ugh. This picture shows where I am with 7 skeins. I will use all of the 8th and possibly half of the 9th before I start the decrease which will be the end. Not bad for one month’s work, huh?


On my way out of Dallas I swung by The Woolie Ewe. I wanted some Rowan Pure Wool DK and had checked it out on their website to know they did carry it. Unfortunately, they only had 4 of the 8 colors I wanted. These are the four. Very fall colors and I am going to use them in the Modern Quilt Wrap from


I also recently bought these colors of Mission Falls 1824 Wool to make my nephew a hat. You can see the hat in the picture but I will not include the bobbles on the edge of the hat. I think he’ll like crazy hat minus the bobbles. lol At least I hope he will.


This is how far I am on the 3 button wrap. I was sailing along and everything was fine. Then I did what EZ recommends and stopped to admire my work. And yep, there it was….a miscrossed stitch in the cable area. I dropped those 3 stitches down to repair only I don’t have a clue of how to do that. Maybe I need to make a trip north…..Mom??????????? 🙂


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    Linda Says:

    I’m not quite as far north as some if you want to pop up. Just let me know.

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