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I was born and have lived in Oklahoma all my life. Because of that I can remember various people mention that Oklahoma is a “northern state” or in the “midwest” or argue that Oklahoma is not part of the south. I can remember in my late teens or early 20’s paying attention to geographic references to prove that Oklahoma is truly part of the south. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had about this. I was surfing around in wikipedia the other day and found this.

That’s all I need. So to those of you who still want to argue this point. Stuff it! 🙂

I am still plugging along on the clapotis. I am now half way thru skein 8. Since the weather has finally turned cold I am really anxious to finish this. When I finish a row I often wrap it around my shoulders and let the warmth settle in. I’m really going to like this clappy.

My plans for the day are to go up to Gourmet Yarn and get some help with my 3 button wrap. I have that problem in the cable area and know I can get help repairing it. I can’t say often enough how soft that Plymouth Royal Llama Silk is. If I could afford it I’d knit a blanket out of it. lol

Not much else to say. I am steering clear of all malls and large box stores this weekend. Probably for the next month! lol Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and find all the deals you hope for if you’re out shopping.


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  1. Southern Living considers Oklahoma to be in the South. That settles it for me ;).

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