A bit more from Stitches East 2007 trip


Terri, here it is!  Proof of the Trader Joe’s shopping.   Don’t we look like a happy group of gals?   I’m sure we irritated more than one local shopper in the store.   We were all over the place individually and in a group pausing to gawk and marvel over the unique items we can’t find in our grocery stores.  I think the overall consensus is chai tea, buttermilk cheddar potato chips, Vermont apples, and English Toffee are MUSTS at Trader Joe’s.

Do you know what these are pictures of?   Click to see larger.



We visited a yarn shop called Woolstock in Glyndon, Maryland which is a suburb of Baltimore.   The shop is lovely and cram-packed with yarn.   One of us, can’t recall who, needed to make a stop in the ladies room and came out to let all of us know it was a must-see.   These yarn sample cards are the wallpaper in the ladies room.   It was really cool.   It also gave some weird depth perception feelings with the black walls, with black sample cards and then all the small bits of color.


Here is a shot of Marjie and Karen smiling at all the wonderful choices.


Here is Jan looking at some hanks of yarn in Woolstock.   This stop was made the day after Stitches East.  We went with the intentions of not buying anything.   Ha.   You know how that goes.   This shop had a fantastic selection of Koigu.   We bought.   🙂

It’s icy here in Norman.   Lexi is babysitting her mama one more day.   I think she can handle it.   Hope everyone stays warm and safe!



  1. 1
    Linda Says:

    Wow – I got the color cards right, but never would have guessed bathroom wallpaper. How creative!

    Stay warm – I’m staying in today too.

  2. 2
    CAT Says:

    HI sisters,

    Is there anybody here can tell me where is the shop for koigu yarns? i’ ve browsed online for quite well, didn’t find any dealer in Colorado yet. If u know any, please help. Thanks in advance

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