Silly questions

Do you sometimes wonder if other people have the same small mindless quirks that you do?   I do.   For instance, this morning as I was getting dressed it popped into my head that I always put my right shoe on first.   Do I do this out of habit?  Or is it because I’m right handed?   Which shoe do you put on first? 

 Another non-important question.   When you make your own hamburger, do you put your mustard/mayo on the bottom bun or the top?   I put mustard on the bottom bun.   If I have a cheeseburger I cannot stand the bite-y taste of mustard and cheese together.   It doesn’t happen with a bite of hamburger between the two.   lol

Do you floss before or after you brush?  I floss before. 

Does anyone else ever think of these things?   lol  If so, please share your questions.

I got up early this morning and was at Wal-Mart by 6:45.   I love it then.  It is almost like having the entire store to yourself….not quite but usually a few early shoppers so it’s much easier to get what you need quickly.   Except for some grocery store items I am finished shopping…..I think.   lol 

Thank God for gift bags.   I love the look of a wrapped present but I am not a very good gift wrapper.   So I stocked up on gift bags and am able to get away with only a couple of boxes that do have to be wrapped.  Yay!!



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