Confession is good for the soul….

Something occurred to me this evening. I can’t say that it was a 100% total new thought. This is my observation. I have this group of friends (you know who you are). Over the past year or so we’ve traveled to several states and visited many yarn shops. We travel very well together and we shop well together. This is a grand fact. If you’ve ever had friends who were not good travel companions or who did not shop at the same pace and spots that you enjoy then you know what I’m talking about. But back to my friends. Several months ago we took a trip south. We visited several yarn shops and every single one of us “tasted the waters”. As I spent my money and bought different yarns (to support my habit) it occurred to me that I could make this a game. A game that I’d be very happy to “lose”. We could make our trips a competition. We could tally up our purchases in each store and at the end of the day/trip/event and see who “won”. I think the first time I introduced this idea was last March in Fort Worth. Everyone was game and everyone contributed by giving their totals. I have to insert here that these contributions were based on the honor system so there may have been a fudge or two or complete omissions. But based on the totals entered, there was a clear cut winner. She knows who she is. We all know who she is. Each and every yarn shop we visit together she “wins” every time. And I love letting her win. Our other friends love it that she wins. I think the biggest shopping trip of the year was our Stitches East trip. She won that competition hands down. We’ve all made half-hearted vows that we didn’t need to buy anymore yarn and would try not to buy anymore yarn for “awhile” after that trip. Some of us were more successful than others. We’ve had several local yarn shops have sales during this time span of last October until now. Again, this friend outspends each and every one of us. Today, three of us ran up to Tulsa for Stitches 30% off sale. Wow!! Did we clean up! There is something about that store that makes all of us spend, spend, spend. I think it’s the fact that they have a sale area that always has some great yarns on sale. They have more than novelty and chunky stuff that doesn’t sell well at most shops. They have Classic Elite, Nashua, Berroco, Reynolds, Elsebeth Lavold, Mission Falls and many others. The minimum discount is 30%. There are always yarns at 40% and 50% discount also. Today, there was a75% area and we cleaned up. There were two full shelves of Mission Falls 1824 Wool and when we left I don’t think there was enough left to fill one shelf. Who can pass up Mission Falls at 75% off??? Not me. And not my friends. I checked out first. I had two bags full of yarn. One friend left the check out counter with four bags full of yarn. And then the winning friend comes away with SIX bags of yarn! You would think we were finished, right? Not us, we’re diehards. So we hurry on to another shop down the road, Loops in Utica Square. I wanted to look at their selection of Knit Col. There is one colorway I had become obsessed with and L & B here in Norman had sold out by the time I decided I had to have it. Shelley at Loops had posted about a week ago that she had gotten in a big shipment and that was my target. I found my color at Loops and my friends focused on the other sock yarns. We all made our selections and checked out. Once in the car we dug out our receipts. It was a close one. I was the clear loser (thank God) but it was so close that the other two were within pennies of each other. Once again this same friend won.

We drove back to Norman with a trunk full of yarn. I wish I had taken my camera. It was such a wonderful sight. That was when my observation hit me and I shared it with those friends. I believe one of them called me an enabler. I reminded both of them that I was not the enabler. When we ran to the Koigu at Stitches we were quickly told that was the only yarn in the shop that was NOT included in the sale. Bummer. So I put back what I had selected. Our practice at this shop is this: we pick up yarns that we want or are considering and we go to the back table and sit it down while we go shop for more. Then we sit down and look our selections over to see what we HAVE to have and what we can put back, review our book of patterns to see how much we need and see what each other is getting. There was no Koigu on that table. After I check out the winning friend asks me if I bought any Koigu. I knew she was looking for “permission” but I told her no, I did not get any. A little later one friend comes back with her purchases and there is a wad of Koigu (big enough to choke a horse I might add) in her bags. Well the winning friend was behind her in line and saw the Koigu and without hesitation she received her “permission” and she was at the Koigu display making her selections. So who is the enabler here? Not me! lol

There is a shop in Winipeg Canada that has a yearly 30% off everything sale. Last year I made the mistake of waiting until early morning to make my selections and barely got anything because some “hawks” had swooped everything up when the clock hit midnight and I was asleep. This year I planned on staying up until midnight (on a work night!) to make sure I would get some sea silk. Well my winning friend noticed it before I did but the sale did not officially start until 10 AM that Tuesday morning. Darn! So it slowed us down a bit but we still made our purchases after the 10 AM hour and guess who “won”? You got it!! My winning friend!!

I could go on with many more examples. But it is late and I am tired. It was a long day and I have yarn to fondle and squeeze. A girl does have her priorities you know.




  1. 1
    Linda Says:

    It’s good to have friends!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    What a fun “game!” I probably wouldn’t ever win either….but what fun!

  3. 3
    Terri Says:

    I’m so glad you all went on without me. (hack hack, cough cough). I know you had me there in spirit. ha I’m not sure if there would have been any room for me in the car. ha

  4. 4
    emily Says:

    Heh, I wondered what you had been up to when I saw the additions to the Ravelry stash.

    I’m still working on the stuff I came home with from FTW!

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