The Ways of a Knitter

How do you explain knitting and knitting habits to a non-knitter?

My boss has a 7 year old daughter, B. who is into fiber. She wants to learn how to make things with yarn. I gave her a knitting lesson a few months ago and she did pick up on some of the process. Our problem is we don’t have a consistent time to meet and practice together etc. I suggested her mother enroll her in a knitting class. She did just that and now the daughter is starting a new project. So the mother told me that she informed her daughter that they had bought several different types of yarn and a couple of sets of needles, when is she going to see a product? I couldn’t help but laugh. The mother is wise and is already noticing something many of us do without thought. So I had to help my young friend the best I could. I ask the mother: what is your hobby? Reading? Ok, do you have books on the shelf that you have not read yet but those same books bring you comfort by just BEING there? Bingo!! I made a homerun. She understood immediately. Then she asked me: How many items have you started that are just sitting around? (Damn, does she know how to go for the jugular or what??? lol) I then take the crayon approach. I explain that you have a box of 64 wonderful brand new sharp crayons. You remove a color and start to color with it. Do you keep coloring with the same crayon? Or do you grab another so you can use a different color? She grasped that concept pretty quick also. I walked out. Whew! She asks tough questions. So I gave myself some time for my breathing to steady and returned to her office. I then confessed: I probably have 25 different items on the needles right now. She immediately said: well, she’s not that bad yet! lol

B., I hope I helped sweetheart. I’m in your corner and will try to smooth the way so you can become a stash hoarding, multi-project girl just like me. Amen.


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    Linda Says:

    Verrrry impresive! I’m going to have to remember those.

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