A Super Saturday

After yesterday I needed today just to chill and do some chores.

Yesterday was a very special day for my friend Emily. So five of us started our Saturday very early so we could go see Emily become the permanent rector of her church. It was a lovely celebration and in true knitterly fashion (and with Emily’s blessing) we sat on the back row and knitted while we watched. Congratulations Emily!

After a quick lunch we went to the SWAK in the City open house. This is what I bought:


Madelaine Tosh sock yarn. I don’t know if it will become socks or a scarf of some sort but it is nice and squishy.

We then ran across town to secure our seats at Gourmet Yarn for Knit-In. We had a great time as always. Lots of knitter friends and plenty of great food. And this is what I got there:


I’m for sure going to make the drop stitch scarf with this yarn. Isn’t that yarn gorgeous? Now if I can only find a 3rd skein. lol

As far as actual knitting, I feel like a hamster in a cage. I’m knitting almost every day but I’m getting no where. I started a scarf out of Ultra Alpaca before Christmas. I frogged it twice before I settled on an even striped scarf. Well guess what? I’m not happy with it and it took a dip into the frog pond.

I’ve been working on the Andrea Reversible Lace Scarf by Schaefer Yarn. Problem is it isn’t something I can knit on when I’m with friends or when I can’t give it 100% concentration. So this is how far I’ve gotten on it:


I love those colors. I have a feeling though that it may take me a long time to finish this scarf. lol

I also started this a few days ago:


This is the Araucania Ranco Multy I picked up in Tulsa a few weeks ago. I was hoping it would be a beautiful drop stitch scarf but it just doesn’t have the pizazz it needs to be beautiful. Darn it. lol It seems everything I pick up I lose interest in it.

Cross your fingers for me….maybe my mojo will come back or something will spark and I will have a finished object that I truly love SOON! My clapotis certainly is!

PS:  Katie, we wonder also what “the winner’s” stash looks like….we’ve never seen it!!  We often tease her that while some people have a closet or maybe a whole room dedicated to yarn, she has a garage apartment she could fill.   🙂



  1. 1
    emily Says:

    I’m so glad you all were there! Knitters and yarn added a lovely vibe.

    I’m too exhausted to say anything more profound except thank you and I’ll catch up with you later.

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Yesterday was a fun, fun knitterly kind of day wasn’t it?!! Hang in there…I think we all have those knitting funks now and then..I know I do! That Andrea scarf is looking great! Can’t wait to see that one finished!

  3. 3
    Linda Says:

    The Knitting Dammits – dammit this doesn’t work, dammit that doesn’t – it goes eventually. The bad part is another of us usually finds it.

  4. 4
    anita Says:

    Funny that you would have these particulat thoughts today because I was thinking almost the exact same thing! I’ve got so many projects started and seem to lose interest and buy/start something new constantly. Got the knitting doldrums I guess.

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