Valentine’s Day candies and memories


I’m sure many of you have already heard this story but there may be a few who have not.   Once my sister and I left the nest, my daddy always brought us a Valentine in person.   He most often dropped it off at our homes while we were at work but it was there waiting for us when we got home.   He would give us a card and a box of conversation hearts which we called “chalks”.   We called them “chalks” because that is what they tasted like to us and obviously we did not like them.  So one year I told Daddy to put the “-lates” on the “chalks” because we did not eat those little boxes of conversation hearts he’d give us.   Well, he listened and the next V-day I came home to a card, my small box of conversation hearts AND a small box of Russell Stover’s chocolates.  Yay Daddy!!    This is the 8th Valentine’s Day that he’s been gone but I kept many of those boxes of conversation hearts and will treasure them forever.  

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.  



  1. 1
    Arlene Says:

    What a sweet, thoughtful dad you had! When all is said and done that is what we have, memories and your dad left you “sweet” ones to treasure.

  2. Very sweet. My Dad always bought us special Valentine’s gifts, one year we got Hula Hoops which were all the rage. I posted a poem by my Dad on my blog today and was thinking about him like you were thinking of your Dad.

  3. 3
    anita Says:

    Your dad was sweet. I remember Daddy always brought chocolate peanut clusters at Christmas. I guess that was the only time of year that we had them–I don’t know, but it’s something that sticks in my mind.
    But I’m with you–I never liked those chalk hearts either!

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