I fell down…..

I made a half-hearted promise to myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn for “awhile”.   I guess I could let myself off easily since I didn’t give a time frame???   lol  Yeah, right.   lol  I stopped by L & B the other day to check out the new Miss Babs sock yarn.   Yummy!!   It has some wonderful squish to it.   So naturally I had to get some.    I got this colorway:


It reminds me of fall but it is a break from my usual blues that I seem to be hooked on now.

Then there was this other sock yarn that jumped in my hands:


I have to confess it is a disappointing “squeeze” compared to Miss Babs.  This is the Plymouth sock yarn.

Then I saw the new Mission Falls Whirl!   I LOVE this colorway.   I bought a token skein until I can decide what I want to do with it.   You just can’t go wrong buying Mission Falls.


Sorry for the blurry picture.

Later on we stopped by for Happy Cat’s opening/going out of business sale.   I scooped up a couple of different yarns.

I got this sock yarn:


I saw a sample sock knitted out of this and I really liked the colorway.

Then I picked up this:


I got two skeins of this red and two skeins of white.   I thought it would be great for some washcloths.

Now this is what motivated me to go in the first place:


I loved this bag the first time I saw a picture of it on net.   I lucked out and got in the room this was in and snatched it up.   There were only a few and I wanted this.   Isn’t it gorgeous??

I had some help with the picture taking tonight.   Meet the Inspector:




  1. 1
    leamornor Says:

    If you’re gonna cave you might as well do it with style! lol.

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Yummy goodies!! Don’t feel too bad….I haven’t done very well on the “no more yarn for a while” idea either 🙂

  3. 3
    emily Says:

    Heh, I love when cats show us what they really think of our yarn purchases.

    Having confessed to my entire congregation about my SABLE problem in my last newsletter, I was amused to note that everyone asked me tonight when I came back from a brief Michael’s/Hancock’s stress reduction run between a funeral and a bible study, “So did you buy any yarn?”

  4. 4
    Linda Says:

    I love squishy yarn!

    So since I’m not laughing at you, you won’t laugh at me when I fall off the wagon too, right?

  5. 5
    anita Says:

    Wow! You cleaned up at Happy Cat. I wanted to go to her sale but it just didn’t work out. I feel really bad for her bad luck finding a place to settle down in. I sure hope something turns up. I’d love one of those big knitting purses.
    I’ve (seriously) decided that I can’t buy anymore sock yarn until I’ve made some socks of the yarn that I already have. ….wonder how long that decision will hold.

  6. 6
    Karen Says:

    What a beautiful bag!! Are you sure the lady before you snatched up the green one ??!!

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