Saturday’s Trip and a Lesson Learned

Yesterday, Marjie, Karen and I took a road trip.   Believe it or not our motivating spot was Meers Store in Meers, Oklahoma.   I had told them how great the burgers were at Meers and then not long after that The Food Channel had Bon Appetite’s Top 3.   And guess what spot had the number 3 top burger in the nation????   You got it, Meers!   So we decided we’d head to Meers stop and eat and then head on down to Wichita Falls to visit a yarn shop located there.   We got to Meers a bit early but since it’s open for breakfast that was no problem.   In fact, I was shocked to see several tables of customers who were either waiting for their meals or who were finishing their burgers.   I’ve been there before and knew the giant burger that fills the bottom of a pie plate was more than enough for one person.   So we all ordered regular sized individual burgers.   That was a mistake.   You don’t get enough meat on the regular burger to get that great taste of hormone-free, no antibiotic fresh ground beef.   But, I don’t want to lead you to think the burgers were not good, they were.   You get more meat when you order the larger burger.   I also feel compelled to tell you….ONE of us eats SISSY burgers.   But I’m not telling who.  😉

I wish I would have taken my camera.  If you’ve never seen the restaurant at Meers you wouldn’t believe it.   The building is like 115 years old and has been added onto over the years.   The heat seemed to be non existent so if you go in the winter dress warmly.    The restaurant also houses a seismograph that detects earthquakes!    Click here and you can read more about it.   It’s pretty interesting.

We left Meers and with the help of Rico Suave (aka Marjie’s GPS system)  made our way back to the highway to head further south into the great state of Texas.   Now I have to back up a bit here and tell you a little voice in my head told me to call this shop last week.   I thought I would make sure of the hours etc. so we’d have plenty of time to browse and shop.   But I did not follow through.   And yep, you guessed it, that is how we learned our lesson.   We drove all that way only to drive up and see a handwritten sign on the door “closed until further notice”.   Damn.    So that was our lesson for the day……always call ahead.

Today is the clappy party.   I plan on going.   Hope to see you there!



  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    That’s just sad to drive that far for a closed shop. But, I bet you had a fun car trip!

    *Clappy Party* just doesn’t sound right. ; )

  2. 2
    Linda Says:

    But just think – the closed sign kept you from buying yarn. 🙂

    The building at Meers is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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