Sunday Sunday….

This has been a rather knitter-ly week for me.   And one would think as much opportunity as I’ve had to knit that I’d have a lot to show for it.   Not to be.   My knitting mojo has suffered a major hit and I don’t know why.   Every thing I touch seems to turn to crap.   I started a drop stitch scarf a few months ago as pictured here:


No longer, it went to the frog pond in the sky.   First this picture isn’t flattering the piece at all but even in reality it still wasn’t doing “it” for me.   I think this yarn would be better off in a pair of socks.   It is sock yarn after all.   lol

Then I bought this yarn to try the drop stitch again:


It’s Noro Aurora.   And no picture but I could tell in about 6 inches that it wasn’t going to show the color changes like I wanted so it also went to the frog pond in the sky.

Then I bought a skein of this last night:


I thought if I started a simple hat that I could get past this mojo block.   Not to be.   I worked about 3 rounds and realized at some point that I had twisted the stitches.   Grrrrrrrrrrrr  Destination:  frog pond.

Last night I bought two skeins of this:


It’s Ballet by Fiesta and this yarn is alpaca and tencel.   It has the most luscious feel.  I took it to my seat (those of you who know me know I coined this term) to see if I could bond with it.   I honestly did not have a project in mind.   But once again the colors and the feel of the yarn did form a relationship with me and it now has a new home.

After discussing my mojo issue with Emily, Karen, Anita and Marjie last night, I did tell them that even if I’m not churning out the knitted goods it hasn’t slowed me not one bit from buying MORE yarn.  lol   So the piles of yarn are growing around my chair and some day soon (if this keeps up) I’ll have to call someone and say:  Help!   I can’t find the door to get out!   I’m surrounded by yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   lol

I cannot imagine what I’d do without Ravelry.   When I first heard about it I dismissed it as another website that would appeal to some but not to all.   Then I received my invitation and I signed up.   Again I had the same impression.   I didn’t see what ‘the deal’ was.   About two months later I started seeing ‘the deal’.   It is a fantastic tool and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who knits.  I came home last night with my two skeins of Fiesta Ballet and plugged that into the yarn section of Ravelry.   I found a bunch of projects other knitters had made with that yarn.   Long story short, it will become a clapotis.  I bought two skeins and I believe that will be enough for that.  BUT, I did also notice while in Ravelry that when I pulled up the details on this yarn that I already  had one skein in my stash!!   TY Ravelry!!  lol   I thought I might have one but wasn’t certain soooooooooo……one skein is just the right amount for another pattern I found while surfing projects on Ravelry.   Anyway, I just think it is so cool.   And I’ll quit on that note.

Last Sunday was the Clapotis Tea at Gourmet Yarn, organized by Terri and a great success for her and Margaret.   Tuesday night I knitted with Terri, Shelly, Donna and her son.   Wednesday I knitted with Marjie.   Friday night I knitted with Shelly and Marjie.   Saturday was the monthly knit-in at Gourmet Yarn and that was a packed shop!   We had a great crowd but MG managed to squeeze some chairs in and I don’t think anyone had to stand.  lol   So do you see what I mean when I said I had quite a knitter-ly week?   lol

There is one project that I’ve managed to save from the frog pond.


This is a Noro pattern but I’m using Mission Falls Whirl in the Coastal colorway.   The picture doesn’t do it justice.   It has a basketweave pattern with rows of garter between the squares.   It will be a lovely throw for the sofa.   Although I do have to admit I’m tinking more on this than any other project in a long time.   But that is operator error……I’m not paying attention and  making mistakes.   Ugh.

I think rain is coming our way and I won’t complain.   We need it.   If only the sprinkler system in my yard was finished!!   The crew started on Monday and for some reason it’s still not finished.   I keep thinking if they’d finish before the rains come then the dirt will be washed down and when the grass starts growing everything will be covered soon.   Oh well.



  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    Thanks again for picking me up Friday afternoon after Kim dropped me off at L & B and he went on to Bass Pro Shop! I don’t think he would have made it back in time to get me before the store closed for sure! I do hate to be left sitting out on the curb on Gray! And, Kim says thanks for babysitting me so that he could have more quality time at the big sale at Bass Pro! ; )

  2. 2
    Nancy Says:

    Thank you for saving me from myself!! I really love Ballet and am finishing a zigzag scarf in the Taos colorway (my least fave) right now; and you got that gorgeous Misty Morning!!! It’ll make an incredible clapotis!


  3. 3
    Carolyn Says:

    Ohhhhh…I can see that Clapotis already…it’s going to be gorgeous!

  4. 4
    Arlene Says:

    I was just telling my cube-mate that I am in a “knitting funk” everything I make I “frog”. I just can’t seem to settle on anything.
    Reading your blog let me know that I am “normal” at least I am not alone!!!

  5. 5
    anita Says:

    Lately it seems as if I’ve been jumping back and forth a lot between projects until I started the Lady Eleanor. And that’s all I want to work on for now. It’s really fun–although expensive–and I love it! So I’m currently safe from “mojo challenge”.

    Saturday night was lots of fun. Lots of people too.

  6. 6
    Marjie Says:

    Ah the knitting funk…been there, done that and I’m sure my time will come again. The Misty Morning is yummy and will make a beautiful clappy. Roxy is starting out with a yarn fetish herself. Came to me carrying a skein of the Ballet….guess I’ll have to keep the knitting off the floor!!

  7. I’ve been knocked offline with a dead modem so I just saw your post now. Saturday was great fun! Hope the mojo comes back soon. . .

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