Happy Easter and a trip down memory lane…

Since it’s Easter I decided I’d dig up this elusive picture of my sister and me taken Easter Sunday manyyyyyy a year ago. Long story short I can’t find it. But I did find many other pictures that tripped the ole memory switch. Needless to say that has stirred up some emotions both happy and sad. I’ll show you some of those pictures at the end of the post.

On the knitting front: I visited two yarn shops this week. I managed to only make one purchase though. I picked up three more skeins of Kidsilk Haze at Gourmet Yarn for the Modern Quilt Throw. I bought two skeins a few weeks ago and had one in my stash so now I have 6 of the 9 colors.


I am using some of the colors from the original but I have substituted a few of my own. I prefer a brick red to a blue red and so that is what prompted my choice of the brick red over the maroon the pattern calls for. Margaret also had the now discontinued Swish (gold) color the original called for and I snatched that up. I think there was only one skein left when I checked out. I don’t care for many pinks so I’m subbing the deep purple for the rose/pink color. Anyway, that’s all the colors I have in the picture above.

Sandy had her finished Modern Quilt Throw at the shop yesterday and I got to try it on. It is gorgeous!! It’s a light as a feather and so sheer but oh so warm. Sandy, you did a great job.

Note to Arlene: No, I cannot quit picking on “the winner”. I live vicariously through her yarn/knitting purchases and I can’t just let those slip by without sharing it with others. So on to my story. Yesterday when she saw me picking out my next segment purchase of Kidsilk she went over and started looking over the selections. Next thing I know she had her 9 skeins on the table in front of us. When she was getting ready to check out I laughed and said what a GREAT blog post this would make. She puffed up and told Sandy to put them in a bag behind the counter for her. I just laughed and didn’t think another thing about it until she was getting out of my car back here in Norman. As she was picking up her knitting bag I saw a Kidsilk Haze label peeking out buried underneath some stuff. AHA!!!! Busted!!! She DID buy all 9 skeins. She just THOUGHT she was pulling a fast one. lol But wait, there is more. On the way back to Norman she wanted to grab an Amy Butler Bag from L & B. She had forgotten to print out her 10% off coupon. I remembered I had printed one off but left it in the tray of my office printer. So we dashed downtown and ran into my office to grab that coupon. So she was able to get her Amy Butler bag with 10% off! Every little bit helps!

I know Terri made some purchases when she had to run up to Guthrie to deliver some of her bread. I don’t know her total but I truly doubt that she spent as much as “the winner”. So with that in mind…..”The Winner” is still in first place.

Pssst: She’s going to NC with her daughter this week and there are yarn shops on her agenda. I can’t WAIT to see what she brings back. πŸ™‚

When I got home around 6 last night, I wanted to find the skeins of Marmalade Kidsilk Haze that were buried in my stash. I started digging when I got home and realized very quickly that I needed to go through every yarn bin in my closet. I quickly took in the piles of yarn tucked into sacks and baskets in the room around me and decided now was as good a time as any to consolidate and organize. I’d love to tell you that it was a great success but it wasn’t 100%. I did get a lot of yarn put away. I did set up an organization of sorts. I printed a label for each bin. My categories were: Mission Falls Cotton (yes I have enough to fill an entire bin), sock yarns, Mission Falls Wool, baby yarns, Cascade 200, alpaca, silk and Brown Sheep, plus some misc. categories. I filled 15 bins and have one empty. I do have enough oddball type yarn that I can fill it no problem but I ran out of energy. I did not locate the Marmalade until 10:30 and it was not in a bin but in a bag of miscellaneous yarns. lol Shelly told me it would be in the last one I checked and she was right. I cleaned out several knitting bags. I believe I reclaimed 7-8 sets of needles, frogged 3 WIP’s and found $14 stashed in a side pocket. I have enough bags from Gourmet Yarn and L & B to give back that each may have enough to last a day before getting into new bags. πŸ˜‰ I laugh but it’s also embarrassing to see how many there are. I have to cut back. I’ll finish getting my Kidsilk and the Claudia John B Margaret has coming in but I’m going to try to go a few weeks without buying any yarn. Did you read that? A FEW WEEKS. I’m going to take this in small bites. God, help me.

I started a new project a couple of weeks ago. It’s the Woodland Shawl from The Thrifty Knitter only I’m making a scarf and not a shawl.


This is the Dream in Color Smooshy Blue Lagoon colorway. I love this yarn. The picture shows the yarn to be more blue but it “leans” to the green side of that blue. lol Still beautiful no matter which way. The cush this yarn has is incredible. Those are not one but TWO lifelines. It isn’t that the pattern is difficult but my attention will drift away and I find myself making mistakes. A week ago Saturday I knitted 25 rows to gain 6. Get that? I ended up ripping out 19 rows of knitting because of mistakes!! lol Anyway, that is when I inserted the 2nd lifeline because I couldn’t bring myself to tear out the first in the event I was missing a mistake in the just completed section. lol

I’m also plugging away on Cavendish knitted in the Mission Falls Whirl. While I do love the pattern in the Mission Falls it just doesn’t compare to how it looks in Noro Silk Garden. Marjie cast on yesterday with some Silk Garden and it just pops in that pattern. Sigh! I guess one of these days I’ll be buying some Silk Garden and doing this again. lol

Here are some pictures from long ago:

img_0012.jpg img_0013.jpg








I apologize that some are thumbnails and some are full size but not cropped. I’m sure there is a way to fix that but I spent so much time on memory lane that I need to get some work done instead of cropping pictures. Fixed it! And that last picture is of Lexi when she was a kitten. She figured out very quickly that she could leap up to the keyboard tray from under the desk and scoot up from behind and she’d paw at me. I can’t tell you how many times she threaded my email by pawing at me and hitting keys! lol Isn’t she a cute scoot?

Hope you have a very happy Easter that is filled with family and good times.



  1. 1
    Linda Says:

    Sounds like a great week! I love hearing about other “winners!”

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    I just love playing with my yarn in the name of organizing…lol! I always manage to find something I forgot about having! I can’t wait to see your Log Cabin started with the color substiutions…it’s going to be gorgeous! Love that shawl, too!

  3. 3
    emily Says:

    I love finding yarn I’d forgotten I had until I get the organizing bug. . .

    Happy Easter!

  4. 4
    bev Says:

    Ok– I seem to be obsessed with Noro and possess an ungodly amount. Is the Cavendish just a basketweave pattern? I think I need to start it soon, really, really soon, but the book seems to be unavailable around here so it will have to be ordered. I hate that. Is 10 balls enough in your opinion? Seems some Ravelers used 12. I did one Lady E with 10 and one with 12. The smaller one is plenty big. Thanks for the info and inspiration. Bev

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