A New Knitting Program

There is a new knitting tv program called Knit and Crochet Today. This is the link to their website:


And for some reason it is not available here in the OKC viewing area. So I can’t tell you if I think it’s a good program or not. And just because I like it does not mean you may like it or vice versa. But I’d like the opportunity to watch and see for myself. If you click on the PBS Station Listing button you can scroll down and see that Tulsa gets it but not OKC. At the very bottom you can send an email that will be forwarded to PBS. Ask that we have this program added to our lineup here in OKC.



  1. 1
    MG Says:

    Hmm…I saw it the other day. Early morning. You know who produces it, don’t you? Candi Jenson told us about it when she visited the store. With her behind it – it ought to be good!

  2. 2
    guthriegirl Says:

    I have seen the program as well on OETA (113 on Cox for OKC). They seem to move it around a lot and it’s not on every day. When it IS on, the same episode is repeated at several different times in 24 hours…early morning, mid afternoon and late evening; I try to check daily and set my recorder. Some episodes are better than others but I am glad it’s on!

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