Maybe I’m getting old…..

As I was sitting on the sofa knitting earlier today I flipped by CMT with the top country songs/videos for the week.   I confess I’m a closet country fan.   I grew up hearing country music on the radio while Daddy was working in the garage.   I knew Patsy Cline songs when I was a little kid.   I used to listen to country music back in the Urban Cowboy days and then changed the channel when many of the songs took on an 18-wheel tune.   A few years later I came back and listened to country music until about 4 or 5 years ago.   I finally realized it made me cry.   I think the song that did me in was some song about a little girl being sick and dying.     So I chose to hear it in dips and dabs instead of keeping my radio tuned in.   Self preservation you know.   lol   Anyway, one of the commercials on CMT showed a well-known country star who is married to another well-known country star on stage at one of his concerts.   Now I will tell you right up front I think he’s a good looking man and sexy too but what I saw looked sleezy.   This man doesn’t have to dress sleezy to get me to look at him but I guess someone thinks he does.   Proof:

There is another country star who I’ve adored for many more years than this fellow.   I’ve never seen him dress sleezy at all.   He always seems to be in nicely pressed jeans and a starched long sleeved shirt.   I think more singers should take after him:

To me THAT is sexy.   lol  

We had another almost standing room only Knit In at Gourmet Yarn last night.   I think Terri said she counted 40 and I know a few more walked in after that.  David jokingly said they considered moving all the yarn out and just hosting parties.   Not a bad idea!!  lol  Just kidding!!!   But seats and space get in very short supply on knit-in night.  

A funny incident (at least to me) happened last night at Knit-In.   I heard a newbie to knit-in ask Karen last night if she was ‘the winner’.   I got distracted and didn’t absorb Karen’s answer but I sure did think that was funny.  Plus I was flattered that someone had read my blog and knew about our game.   Btw, ‘the winner’ went south for a few days and may have bought out a yarn store or two not to mention half of what Brooks Farms brought to the Fiber Fest.   Since none of the credible witnesses were with her….we can only guess.  

Knitting news.   I’ve been plugging along on the Woodland scarf and since it will look the same for miles and miles no picture.   I’ve also been plugging along on the Cavendish out of Mission Falls Whirl.   Again no picture they all look the same.  lol   I do have one picture though.   Guess what this is:



  1. 1
    MG Says:

    Hubba…hubba…Be still my beating heart! George Strait wins hands-down. I grew up on a ranch and my dad hired OSU student cowboys to help work on our place. He had one or two that were good looking like that!

  2. 2
    bev Says:

    I was there and witnessed loads of Brooks Farms yarns being carried to the window to better see the colors! Of course I did my own little bit of shopping as well.

  3. 3
    Linda Says:

    Georgeie Baby!!!

  4. 4
    Carolyn Says:

    I’ve thought GS is a living doll forever….he is just too cute! Having been married to a guy that dressed like that (in the beginning years of the first marriage), I can tell you that it is NOT fun getting those jeans to look like that…lol! He liked them where they would stand in the corner by themselves!!! Boil on the stove starch and a hot, hot iron…maybe that is why I DO NOT iron….anything…..EVER, anymore!

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