Eggplant Baby Hat

Ok, I know I’m a bad blogger.   What has it been?  Two weeks or so?   Oh well, I can honestly say I’ve spent more time knitting since I last posted.  Progress?   Well, I’m still knitting away on Cavendish.   That is getting just a tad heavy so I keep it in a separate bag and have been taking it to work on Wednesdays when we have a weekly meeting.   Hopefully, those meetings will come to an end eventully.   PLEASE!!!   🙂  But for now, in order to keep my sanity, I knit and they accepted that fact with ease.   Oops, I digress.   I haven’t touched the Woodland Scarf in about a month.   I think I have it on the schedule this weekend though.   I have been playing with some swatches of cables.   Just playing around to see what I can do.   The more I knit cables the more at ease I am with them.   This is a good thing.   Believe it or not, I do have a finished object.   I named this the eggplant hat (for obvious reasons).  But the name of the pattern (found on Ravelry) is Berry Baby Hat.

The pattern is identical to the Tomato Hat except for the stem.   This was the first time I’d ever tried Idiot Cord.   I’m proud to say I can do it.  lol   I used Berroco Pure Merino.  At first I was not happy because it was a bit splitty.   That turned out to be a problem with knitting the first row and on the I-cord.   I read this is a 10 ply yarn.  It has a twist to it that makes it a heavier fabric.   Overall, I give it a big thumbs up.   I am very happy with the texture and it gives the hat just the right body it needs.   I’m also tickled to pieces about the near solid green.   Those slight variations are perfection.   I started and finished in two sessions.   Quick and easy, just the diversion I needed.  

Have a great weekend!!!


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