Sunday the 11th

Even though I’ve been pretty quiet (blogwise) I have been knitting. Remember the Woodland Shawl/Scarf I started with Dream in Color Smooshy? This is how much I’ve finished so far:

I think the middle picture gives the best representation of the true color.   I set this aside for awhile and recently picked it back up.  One thing I’m very proud of is I am ‘reading’ my knitting and if I start a stitch that doesn’t feel right, I can look and see without scrutinizing the pattern and see what I need to do next.   And it’s LACE!!!  lol   Have you noticed something is missing?   Yeah, Ma, no hands errr I mean lifeline!!    I used a lifeline until about 4-6 inches ago.   That is when I realized I was reading my knitting and felt very confident and comfortable with the pattern.   This isn’t to say I won’t use a lifeline again but on this project I think I’m safe.

Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn?   It has the best cush and spring I’ve felt in a very long time.  It is truly a joy to knit with.

I’ve been knitting quite a bit on the sofa in the evenings and Lexi gets more lap time.   She has been fairly tolerant of my knitting.  She does try to chew on the yarn or my needle cable if it’s right in front of her.   But she only “took off” once with my project.   Bless her little kitty heart.   Lucky for her and ME it remained on the needles.   It isn’t as easy for her to do when she’s on my lap but she did manage that one time.

Hope all of you Mom’s are having a very Happy Mother’s Day.



  1. 1
    bev Says:

    Very pretty! I started the Jeannie (??) shawl from Knitty in this yarn. I love the yarn and I love the pattern, but man is it time and mind consuming. I wish we could get this yarn at GYC.

  2. 2
    Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know what length scarf jives with Stacy London! I knit this one 72″ but my next one will be my height.

    Love your shawl! I never thought about knitting one with Smooshy yarn. They are so generous in their yardage that it probably is a great choice. Looking forward to seeing a finished pic!

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