Fort Collins and Boulder

Yes, I know I said Denver was next but I was wrong. We did stay in Denver but drove up on Wednesday to Fort Collins and Boulder. This was an exciting stop, Lambspun. Terri immediately requested we go to this yarn shop when we were planning this trip. There are some books written about this shop and some of the people who work there. It was not a disappointment. This shop had several rooms crammed full of yarn including some of their house yarn.   This is what I got:

(wow!!  I tried to insert that picture 3 days ago about 5 different times and finally gave up.   It worked today!!!  lol)  This is 3D Prism, Red Fritillary which is 50% merino and 50% silk.  565 yards.   I think this is destined to make a wrap of some sort.   It is soooo soft.

As most of you know we have this game we play which consists of whoever buys the most is the winner.   And most of you know who the winner is every single time.   Well, it’s time to say she has been dethroned.   We have a new winner, Terri!!!   lol   I have a feeling that the magical air of being in a yarn shop she had read about several times influenced  her a tiny bit.   Terri is usually the most frugal of our group and something just came over her.   She bought some beautiful yarns and hopefully, she’ll show you what she bought on her blog, Bella Gubbio.

I realized something after Terri posted about our trip.   I don’t have any shots of the mountains except these two pictures taken from the front porch of Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder.

Can you imagine having this view at your job?   I thought I was lucky to have two huge windows looking out onto Main Street here in Norman but now I realize how small my view is.   It was a very overcast day so the colors are not as vivid as I had hoped.

Ok, back to the store.   I’ve seen their ad in the back of most knitting magazines for a few years now.   All I can say is WOW.   They have a huge selection of yarn.   It’s mostly no frills in the way of eye appeal but hey….isn’t it all about the yarn anyway??  lol   They had a big rack of Koigu in addition to every color of Cascade 220, Quattro and Tweed you’d ever want.   They had Brown Sheep, Tahki Donegal Tweed (yay!!!  this is what I was desperately searching for), Mountain Colors, Karabella, and now I’ve gone brain dead and can’t recall any other lines.   But believe me, it is worth a stop.   Have your list ready.    The ladies working there were very friendly.   I think this might have been the first shop where we ran into a former Okie.   Terri?  Marjie?   Do you remember?   Please keep in mind that I was searching for the yarn I want for the Susie Hoodie.   So I only bought single skeins to swatch later.   This is what I bought:

and this:  

The green that appears to be brown is actually an olive.   It’s Cascade 220 Tweed.   The reddish yarn is Tahki Donegal Tweed.   That is the yarn used in More Big Girl Knits for the Susie Hoodie.   I thought this was the same colorway but I found out at a later shop that it was not.   You know me and reds….I want tomato red because the blue reds look horrible on me.   So I bought this skein for swatching purposes only.   I’ll tell you about the swatching in a later post.

Here is another pic of Shuttles Spindles and Skeins:

We drove past the Windsor and Greely area on our way up to Fort Collins.   As it turns out, we were there the day before the horrible tornado that killed one man and destroyed many homes.   We were shopping in south Denver when Terri’s husband texted to ask if we were aware of the tornado.   No, we sure were not.   It wasn’t until later that evening that we saw on the news about all the destruction.   (Thank you Carolyn for caring enough to call and check on us.)

Next post:   Denver (I promise).



  1. 1
    emily Says:

    What? Red? 😉

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    I’m just glad you girls missed those storms! You all were the first thing I thought about when I read about it in the paper that morning….sorry I woke you up with the call, but I couldn’t wait to make sure all was ok! Wonderful yarn…can’t wait to touch it 🙂

  3. 3
    bev Says:

    I can’t wait to see which yarn you choose for the Suzie sweater. I am dying to start that thing as well.

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