The Susie Swatches

I fell in love with the Susie Hoodie from More Big Girl Knits after seeing it on Ravelry. I also fell in love with the tomato red yarn the original was knit from. So I knew right then that ‘my quest’ for the Colorado trip was to find that yarn, Tahki Donegal Tweed. We did not find a shop that carried that yarn until Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder. But before I found the Tahki yarn I found the fantastic row of ‘every color of Cascade 220 you’d ever want’ row. There I found an olive 220 tweed that I also really liked. I did not find the great tomato red in the Tahki Donegal Tweed so I decided to buy a skein of it anyway for swatching purpose and to see if I even liked the yarn. The next day while shopping some shops in Denver Marjie brought a skein of Karabella’s Soft Tweed in a fantastic tomato red. I bought it also.

I had the two skeins wound into yarn cakes at Shuttles so I could start swatching immediately. I finished all three swatches long before I got home. So once I got home I washed and dried each one to see if the yarns changed at all.

I have to tell you my favorite yarn in the skein is the Karabella. My concern is it is more of an Aran weight which makes a heavier fabric. The Tahki Donegal Tweed was a bit more ‘rustic’ than I had imagined. And the Cascade 220 Tweed was the same ole same ole except it was a gorgeous olive tweed.

I washed the Tahki swatch first. No problems at all. Rinsed and wrapped in a towel to absorb the excess water and pinned to my blocking board. Next up was the Karabella swatch and lo and behold it bled. I used some vinegar in the final rinse water and that seemed to do the trick. Last I washed the 220 Tweed and guess what? It bled too!! I’ve never had a green yarn bleed before. But I used the handy vinegar in the final rinse and it seemed to take care of that problem also.

Final result: I like all three swatches. All three softened. The Tahki is still the roughest but it truly isn’t rough. I think the Karabella swatch also lost some of it’s heaviness which is a good thing to me. The 220 Tweed is the lightest fabric of the three. I just picked up the swatches again and the Karabella has to be my favorite of the three. So what drives everything I buy? The cost. lol The Karabella is cost prohibitive to me. It is the most expensive. The smallest skein for the price with 108 yards for $8.50. It would cost me $221 (not counting tax and shipping) to make that sweater. The Tahki comes in 2nd and it would cost $165 (minus tax and shipping). That leaves the Cascade 220 Tweed. That would cost $114 not including tax. Decisions!!! Decisions!! If I could find that Karabella on sale….so I could make this sweater for around $150 I’d jump. Sigh. Yarn dreams.

Have a great weekend!!


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    Carolyn Says:

    Decisions, decisions…it’s hard! I love the Susie too and have that yarn on my list (along with about a dozen others that the fav lys doesn’t carry :-)) for when I hit the Austin stores next weekend! I have the cost factor to consider too, so that will determine what I drag home! Maybe a sweater’s worth…maybe just a skein or two of lace or sock…time will tell!

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