The Denver Post

Ok, three weeks later, I am finally posting about Denver. We started out with Posh on our list. It is located in a really cute area that is being revitalized. Unfortunately, the day we were there was a day they open at noon. Next time, I’ll call every shop we plan to visit to check on hours and days of operation. Sigh.

Our next stop was a shop called Showers of Flowers. When we pulled up I thought the building was a bit large. Little did I know that what I thought was inhabiting a small portion of the large building was actually using every bit of the large building! This is the largest yarn shop I’ve ever seen. The store actually takes up 6000 square feet. That is 6000 square feet of yarn and yarn supplies!!!! I apologize I can’t recall the owner’s name but she met us at the front door and explained how the yarns are displayed by size. I have to tell you once the awe wears off this shop feels just a bit different than any shop I’ve ever been in. My first observation is that it feels like a small department store. The music is classic department store music, the lighting it more what you’d see in a department store and of course the size lends itself to department store. lol The owner visited with us and offered a tour which we declined. She has a whole warehouse full of vintage yarn! I was overwhelmed by the store full of current yarn. lol I couldn’t imagine going thru a warehouse of vintage yarn. Anyway, if there is any yarn you are still aching for that has been discontinued, check with this shop. They do sell and ship any of their yarns. Overall, after the awe wore off, I found the selections limited. I only saw one section of handpaints and that was the Mountain Colors. I did pick up the one skein of Karabella Soft Tweed. I love that yarn but at that price it would cost me over $200 to knit the Susie Hoodie.

The next shop we visited was one called A Colorful Yarn. This shop was a bit harder to find. First our GPS didn’t give us the most accurate directions. So we called the shop and she gave us directions and got us to the mall. This shop was tucked inside an office building on the edge of the mall parking lot. It was cram packed FULL of yarn and supplies. We found Malabrigo, Great Adirondack, Paigewood Farms, Dream in Color, and that is all I can remember. Believe me, this shop had more yarn that most shops twice it’s size. They also had the Atenti Bags. Every, Single. One. Wow!!! Those bags are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous but the price keeps me from purchasing one. My two priciest knitting bags I own were bought half price or I wouldn’t have those. Oh well. Maybe one of these days.

We were pretty much yarn saturated by this point but we headed on to one last shop, A Knitted Peace. This shop was located in Littleton and what a cute area!! Terri found two houses across the street from the yarn shop that we could buy, older cute homes with gingerbread on the front. The store is beautiful. It is very modern in its decor. It also has a great selection of yarn including the Kauni yarn. We actually saw a Kauni sweater on display. It made me drool but I also know my limits of expertise. Maybe one of these days. We were yarned out by the time we got there so none of us bought anything. But I added this shop to my list of places I’ll visit when I go back at Christmas.

The Denver area has many yarn shops. We only hit three of those. I’d recommend any of those and the owners/employees were all so very kind. Two of the Denver shops had Oklahoma connections. We found that nearly every place we stopped. Boomer Sooner!!!

Next stop: Colorado Springs


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