Colorado Springs plus more….

My sister lives in Colorado Springs so I’ve visited the three in-town yarn shops many times.   In the past year or so, there has been a fourth shop that appears on the radar map called Table Rock Llamas.   Each time I would mention that shop to my sister she would say something about ‘it’s way out in such-n-such’.   I thought she was just trying to discourage me from going.   But she is right.   It is waaaaay out there when you are driving from her house.   lol   So on the way back from Denver into Colorado Springs, we took an exit off I-25 and drove for a loong ways to find a cozy log cabin shop off the side of the road.   (For pictures see Terri’s blog)  The ladies who worked there were very nice and once again another Oklahoma connection.  By the time we made this shop we were pretty much yarn-ed out.   lol  Yes, it can happen.   So we were looking for a fantastic sale or unique yarn.  All of us found this unique yarn:

This is 665 yards of Prime Alpaca natural.  And it is soooooo soft.    Very yummy to squeeze.

We visited Green Valley Weavers and Knitters, Needlework by Holly Berry and Knitter’s Kove.   By the time we visited those shops we were so yarn-ed out we didn’t buy a single thing.   Those three shops are all great shops and I’d recommend a visit if you are there.   We just burned ourselves out going to too many yarn shops in the week we were there.

We did learn a lesson.   Anymore yarn crawls and we’re cutting the shop list down and adding down time to just sit and knit and relax.   Yeah, vacation can be tiring.   lol

Each time I make a vow to myself that I will not buy anymore yarn I am determined.  Unfortunately, great sales or last opportunities make me cave.  For instance, when we were in Colorful Yarns in Centinnial, Terri bought a skein of Great Adirondack’s Lolita.   I tried to bond with a skein myself but put it back.  I regretted it the minute we left.   Karen was spending that day with her sister so she did not have the chance to buy a skein and she later drooled over Terri’s skein.   Longer story short, we found a great deal online of 25% off if we bought over $100 and since all four of us wanted a skein that was no problem.   This is the skein I bought:

This Nantucket Blue.   560 yards of fingering weight in merino and bamboo.   It feels soooo nice and cool.

25% off makes me buy more than I plan.   And because of that here are some other skeins I bought:

Two skeins of O-wool (I was trying to keep the total down hence only 2 skeins) to make a berry hat.

This is a skein of Rio de la Plata.  437 yards of 3 ply merino wool.   I fell in love with this colorway.   Isn’t it gorgeous?

Sorry, I dived into this skein before I could take pictures.   I love a good tomato red!!!   And this certainly fits the bill.   This is a cotton and wool mix sock yarn, Jawoll I believe.  (I’ve misplaced the yarn band!)  While I love the color I hated casting on with this yarn on dpn’s.   Ugh.  I bought it to make this baby hat pattern by Mountain Colors.   I’ll have to see if I can do better with magic loop.  As it stands now, this yarn is a maybe.

When we took our yarn shop crawl to Fort Worth last year, we discovered Jaeger Aqua at The Cabbage Rose.   I only bought a couple of token skeins for washcloths.  I LOVE that yarn.  And guess what I just found out?   It’s discontinued.  Doesn’t that just figure!!  lol   So I jumped on eBay and lo and behold look what I found:

Nine skeins total (one missed the photo shoot) of luscious Jaeger Aqua.   This is a great yarn to make those last minute washcloth gifts and I have a small stash to last me until I find a replacement.   Oh wait….I think I may have found one yesterday.   I know I fell in love with the natural colors.  Look at this:

This is Plymouth Earth’s Oceanside Organic.   I picked up these two skeins yesterday at Gourmet Yarn.   At first I thought washcloths but then I saw Karen’s two skeins and heard her plan for the cute hat pattern with a coordinating i-cord and picked up a second skein.   I think it will be cute and I have to confess I am drawn to organic.

My other purchase at GY yesterday was a skein of Plymouth’s Baby Grande Alpaca Tweed in a another great tomato red!   Again, it did not make the photo shoot intact.   I started a Peruvian Ear Flap hat for my nephew, Keaton.  He put in his request for a hat with ear flaps awhile back.   This hat may just get completed.

A week ago or so the Woolie Ewe sent out an email about their Gumball Sale.   Minimum of 35% off!!   I hated it that I couldn’t go to the store because all their yarns are not on the website.   So I made the best of it and picked up some Noro Silk Garden.   At 35% off that was just too good to pass up.   I selected color number 245:

Okay, I think that is all I have to confess at this time.   I did have an interesting thought this morning though.   It is regarding my yarn stash.   I worked so hard getting the plastic storage containers  and storing my yarn in those so I could keep my stash nice and orderly and protected.   But I am beginning to wonder if that is working against me.   How you ask?   If I keep it in the nice bins then it is hidden from sight.   I can’t register with one glance how much yarn I truly have.   When I pull it out it overwhelms me in the volume I have.   Maybe I need to display it openly so it fully registers?   Hmmmmmm  NOT!!!   lol

Hope you have many yarn dreams and lots of happy knitting time.

PS:   This is Keaton:   



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    Carolyn Says:

    Ohhhhh…what wonderful finds!! I have decided that even on my currently tight yarn budget, there are times when buying yarn is justified….and the times are up to us…lol!

  2. Happy blogoversary!

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