Pet Peeves and Stitches Midwest

I was talking to Leslie last week and for some reason the topic became those little annoyances that drive us all crazy or in other words pet peeves.  We were discussing habits/household type messiness.   And while I am not the world’s best housekeeper by ANY imagination this is my list of household pet peeves:

1.  Wet towels or washcloths anywhere except the towel rack.

2.  Open cabinet doors.  (It only took a couple of headknocks to come up with that one.)

3.  Lids off anything such as toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo….you get the picture.

4.  Milk cannot be left out for any reason.   Pour what you need, put it back in the fridge.  I can’t stand blinky milk!  lol

Those are just a few I can think of……what are some of your household pet peeves?

On the knitting front:   I’m still plugging along on the Siren Shawl.   I’ve also turned the heel on my Slippery Sock and am working on the gusset now.   For some reason the Andrea Reversible Lace Scarf which has been hibernating for many months, is calling to me.   I may have to pick it back up again and knock some dust off of it.   🙂

Marjie and I are making our lists getting ready for Stitches Midwest!!   Oh I may not have told most of you that we are going.   It is a complete and tee-total fluke.   Believe me, going to some major overcrowded city in the heat of summer is not at the top of my priority list but here is how it came to be.   I work for a law firm and my sole job is to work this one federal program.   I opened an email about a month ago that mentioned an upcoming conference in Chicago.   It also said something about major changes to the program I manage.   WHAT??????????  I have not heard a peep about any changes so imagine my surprise.   As I looked up the date on the calendar thinking if ever there was a conference I needed to attend, this is it.  Then I recall that Stitches Midwest is also in Chicago area and somewhere around the same time frame.   I looked it up and guess what?   It is the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday before the conference!   Yay!   Then I asked Marjie if it worked out, would she want to go.   Duh.    Next thought, how to get there.  As of now, I do not ever want to fly again.   The trip back from Baltimore last October did me in as far as crowded planes, sitting in airports, waiting in lines and I’ve made a vow not to fly again for a very long while if ever.   So my brain starts working wondering if the firm would rent a car to drive.   To shorten the story, I asked and they said yes.   I’ve made all the hotel reservations and I’m registered at the conference.  All that is left is picking up the rental car and hitting the road.   I’ve teased Marjie plenty about the size of car/trunk and what we will take.   I’ve pondered aloud if it will hold 2 adult women and 25 suitcases, my two plus Marjie’s 23.  🙂   She really doesn’t take that many bags but she is a girl who packs to travel.   lol   Anyway, that’s how it came to be and I’m getting excited.   A road trip where transportation is paid by my employer and 3 days per diem, what more could I ask for???   Yay!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. 1
    Robin Says:

    Can you say I am totally jealous???? I would love to go to Stitches one of these days along with some fiber fests. Have fun and buy lots, then show it to me on the blog.

  2. 2
    bev Says:

    So F***ing jealous.

  3. 3
    Vanessa Says:

    Okay….you are one lucky duck! You will thoroughly enjoy the fiber festival! Hope you two have a great time!

    pet peeves? a messy kitchen…I like a spotless kitchen; people who are rude in public and then act shocked if someone calls them on it; whiny adults…you know…the kind who complain about having to stand in line or try to cut in line in front of others as if their time is more valuable than yours; people who roll their eyes and make faces AS IF the person doesn’t see it….I guess when that happens you are supposed to ACT like you didn’t see it but I usually have to say something BECAUSE this means that they THINK they are more intelligent than you to be stupid enough to do it and you catch them. Okay….that’s it! I can’t think of any more pet peeves! Were these pet peeves or just things I totally hate? Oh well….it’s 4:30 am….insominia makes you think about strange things! Have a great time! Vanessa

  4. Happy blogoversary!

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