There is NO Place Like Home

Before I download pictures, before I brag about my finds at Stitches Midwest 2008, before I tell MY Marjie stories, let me tell you this.   There is no place like home.   Taking a road trip is always an adventure.   I love seeing new places, new scenery, seeing how other parts of our country look.   I love people watching too.   But as most of you know, we love going to yarn shops.   A few years ago, Rebecca told me as I was drooling and plotting my visit to San Francisco yarn shops, that those shops were tiny because of the cost of real estate.   She went on to tell me that none of them would have what our yarn shops here had.   I heard her but knew they still had to be gold mines.   I only made it to one but she was right.   It was tiny and had poor lighting and didn’t have much selection.   Fast forward to Chicago.   Marjie and I managed to make it to three yarn shops.   All three were cute shops.   The first had plenty of space but the selection was disappointing.   The second was closed because of Stitches Midwest!!!   Grrrrrrrrrr  and the third was very disappointing in selection.   The ladies at both of the shops were so nice and helpful.   But when compared to our Gourmet Yarn and L & B, their selections were dismal at best.   So sad.   We stopped by a shop in Springfield on the way home.   Again the ladies were very nice and fun to visit with.   The shop held some good brands but only small bits of those.   Again, when compared to our shops, we have the best.

Short post.   I just woke up a bit ago and am still tired.   I’ll post more later but I had to say we have the best right here in our own back yard.   (As if you didn’t already know that!  lol)



  1. 1
    Beverley Q. Watts Says:

    I once went out of my way to get to that store in Springfield, on my way to Branson. They didn’t have enough of any of the yarns I couldn’t get here (only 1 or 2) to warrant buying. I can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  2. 2
    Robin Says:

    I have to agree about Gourmet and I live over 600 miles away from there. It is the best yarn store I have ever been too.

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