I am embarrassed….

There will be no pictures in this post.   I can’t bring myself to take pictures of my embarrassment.   You’ll have to dream up images in your head.

It all started with a trip to Gourmet Yarn yesterday.   Karen and I wanted/needed to spend the day knitting with like-minded people.   We drove up to GY and joined Liz, Sherry, and Sandy.   Pretty soon Karen J. and Ellen came in to join us.  My plan was to swatch the Rowan Handknit Cotton in order to get gauge to make some baby socks.   Ugh.   It failed.   I learned a lesson that some yarns cannot go down in size no matter how small the needle size.   I was itching and wanted to start something new, startitis.   I always succumb.   I had recently found a great pattern on Ravelry for the Knotty glove.   After polling my table with my contenders, I bought some yarn.   I won’t name it so I don’t plant any preconceived ideas into your head.   It’s a well known yarn and has gorgeous colorways.   It’s just too thin for me.   I cast on and started the cuff on one glove.   I knew the yarn didn’t have the body I find in most fingering weights, but I continued on and pretty soon had a couple of rows of ribbing.   I tried to visualize how nice this would be but there was tiny nagging voice in the back of my head.   That voice said this is going to be so thin.   This may not be the yarn for you.   I came home and ripped out the ribbing to start again.   I had split several stitches and needed to correct.   So once again I cast on and had about 5 rows of ribbing when I finally listened to the voice in my head and ripped it out.    I put the new yarn aside and went in search of some yarn I’d bought in Colorado for gloves last Christmas.   I could only find one skein.   I couldn’t remember if I had bought 2 or 3 skeins.   This was important as two wouldn’t even get me close to a pair and 3 were required.   So I start digging in my corner where I have a small cart on wheels.   This is the corner where I seem to throw lots of new yarn.   Most are still in the bags from the various stores I’ve been to.   I dig and dig and find lots of forgotten treasures.   I even found WIP’s I had long forgotten and some that are not recorded on Ravelry.   Truth is, most of my WIP’s are not listed on Ravelry.  (blush)

This morning I started knitting the cuff edge with the one skein I was able to wind and I love it.   This yarn was perfect for the gloves.   But I’m still concerned about the remaining yarn.   I looked in my stash on Ravelry and much to my relief I see that I logged in 3 skeins.  Whew.   I know I have enough for the pair of gloves but where are the other 2 skeins??  I decided to get all the store bags and empty the contents (yarn) and store the empty bags (as if I’m going to make use of all of them at some other time-It’s my mother coming out in me).  When I realize I have a lot of yarn to put up I go to my closet to see what bins I can use.   It didn’t take but a few minutes to see and realize I don’t have much room at all.   I have each of my bins labeled and stocked with ‘like’ yarn; that is alapaca and silk is in one, Mission Falls cotton in another, one whole bin of Cascade 220, two bins are full of 100% cotton and it goes on and on.   I had a big enough mess on my hands without pulling every bin and bag out of my closet.   So I quickly decided to grab one of the huge Ziploc bags I bought a couple of years ago.   Those are pretty good size, extra large, heavy duty.   Funny, it just came back to me that I tried to put my stash in two of those bags about 2 years ago.   It fit, then.   There is no way I could get my stash in even 4 of those bags.   Sigh.   I grabbed one and started piling the yarn I’d just removed from store bags into the extra large, heavy duty Ziploc.   I filled it.   I filled it so full I had to fight to get it closed.   Guess what?   I had more and more bags and small samples of  yarn all over the room.   I looked in the closet and saw that I had more store bags stashed in there with yet more yarn.   I go get one more extra large, heavy duty Ziploc and bring it back to fill.   And I did.   Full.   Although not quite as full as the first.   I managed to zip it closed without the battle I had with the first bag.   So here I sit, blogging, when I still don’t know where to find the other 2 skeins I need for the gloves.   I am not digging in that closet.   I can’t handle it today.   I absolutely despise making a big mess on Sunday when I need to get ready (laundry, cleaning etc.) for the coming week.   I am so embarrassed.   I cannot buy anymore yarn until…uh….well…..I can’t say.   I won’t embarrass myself more so by telling you how long I need to abstain.   I know I won’t make it.   I fall under the spell of lucious, squeezable, beautiful yarn and I buy it.   Ok, one step at a time, right?   Today!!  Today, I will not buy any yarn at all.   🙂



  1. 1
    Linda Says:

    Bwahahahah!!! Welcome to my world. Just relax and enjoy it.

  2. 2
    Anita Says:

    That is soooo funny. I’m not laught AT you I’m laughing WITH you!! One day at a time baby, one day at a time….

  3. 3
    Carolyn Says:

    LOL….I thought my wall of yarn would keep me honest….no (well, not much) hidden yarn :-). I look at all of it every day and think “I cannot buy any more yarn until some of this is used!” I do pretty well until I get in a yarn store…it’s hopeless!

  4. 4
    scarlet Says:

    I had to laugh, I was doing the same thing today…realizing how much yarn I have. Most is from the time BEFORE I discovered yarn stores. I was crocheting then. I was looking for something to spruce up a shawl I am making that just needs something to make it work. After I read your post I went to the webpage of Gormet yarn co. No wonder you have so much. If I had a store like that near me I would need to put an addition on my house. I found at least four future projects and my next project is a sleveless vest that has a slant opening it is made of alpaca wool. I bought dark grey and I need a multi color trim, I found several, not in the suggested yarn but who cares. I have trouble seeing the colors on the webpage. Does this store have a catalog.
    I am embarassed about how many WIP I have. why do I just abandon them. I never did that when I was crocheting. I love the excitement of a new project. the thrill of feeling the new yarn. the beginning is wonderful and then something goes wrong and I need to rip it out and start again or I don’t understand the pattern and I get frustrated. Is there any hope for me. I have been knitting for 2 years and I want to get some confidence. the only great knitting store just closed and I am looking for groups in my area. Have any suggestions… anyway I’ll be looking for the next installment and thanks for the laugh

  5. 5
    Kay Says:

    GY does not have a catalog that I know of. But you are right, it is one fantastic store and it is cram packed with all types of yarn. Good luck on your projects!

  6. 6
    Beverley Q. Watts Says:

    I have been doing several swaps on Ravelry and have reached the point that I cannot bear to part with any of the zillion skeins that I currently possess. I have swapped away some of the chaff and have only the good stuff left, yet I continue to buy new and will never knit most of any of it. Bev

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