New Shoes

A few months ago I knew I was facing a whole day on concrete floors by attending Stitches Midwest 2008.   For as long as I can remember when I stand for long periods of time on a hard surface such as concrete my toes will cramp especially when I take off my shoes.   These cramps hurt and will continue into the night.  I soak my feet in hot water and it helps at the moment but doesn’t stop the cramps later on.   I deal with intermittent neck pain from some bad disks and frequent sinus issues.   Those types of pain I can manage but when it comes to my feet hurting I will do anything to prevent it.  Well, anything doesn’t mean giving up Stitches Midwest!!  lol   Just previous to leaving for Chicago I read about Earth Shoes.   I wasn’t one of those back in the 70’s who wore them so they are relatively new to me.   But what I read sounded like it might be the ticket for me.   I have high arches and I knew having good arch support would help my aching feet.   So Marjie and I went to a shoe store here in Norman and I tried on some Earth shoes.   This is what I bought.   I was on concrete from 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM with a few rest stops along the way.   I am very happy to announce my feet did not cramp a single time.   Not while on the concrete nor after I took the shoes off that evening nor in the night.   Don’t get me wrong, my feet ached from the concrete and standing ( I have a desk job).   But it was so pleasantly different not to have those cramps I’ve suffered with for years that I had to share my shoe story and give them a plug.   An old friend from Tulsa met me for lunch today and she started having foot pain many years ago.   I told her about my shoes and took her to the shoe store after we ate.   She ended up getting the this pair .   Just walking around the store her feet quit hurting.   Anyway, this is my shameless plug for Earth shoes.   I see many more pair in my future.   🙂


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    Vanessa Says:

    Hi Kay….thanks for the information on these shoes. I was shopping for shoes this last weekend. I had planned to buy some Clarks clogs, but couldn’t find just the right fit. Then I thought about another pair of Dansko’s….which are great on the feet also. But now, I think I’ll have to check out the Earth shoes. I noticed a few shops here in Norman carry them. Vanessa

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