I remember the first time I heard the term ‘lifeline’ as used in knitting.   I sorta had a clue but asked for an explanation anyway.   I remember the project I was knitting at that time was Branching Out from Knitty.   I was told it was a great beginner’s project for lace.   I think I started that scarf at least 10 times and frogged each attempt.   The most progress I made on that scarf was about 6 inches.  I had to frog that also.   Fast forward two years and here I am with several lace projects.   I’m currently knitting the Schaefer Andrea Scarf with some Helen’s Lace from Lorna’s Laces.  (Btw, I LOVE that yarn.   It is laceweight but still has some substance unlike some wisps of thread that is called laceweight.   lol)   I recently picked this project up after not working on it for several weeks.   I decided I had pushed my luck enough without a lifeline.   So I inserted one and as of last night had about 2 inches of work beyond that lifeline.   Tonight when I picked it up again I felt it was time to move that lifeline and I did.

See it to the left?   I had to use it tonight.   I don’t know how I did it but I found one of those crossed stitches where one leg makes sense but the other is definitely out of place.   I tried to fix it.   I messed up.   I tried to tink back and realized very quickly I was going to have to tink back to one row of the lifeline.   So I pulled the needles out and ripped it out.   I was pretty tickled that I was able to slide those needles back into this project and slide each stitch so nicely in place.   I’m a firm believe in lifelines and will use them no matter what.   But I learned a very important lesson tonight.   When threading a lifeline, it is very important to get EVERY stitch.

I missed two.


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    emily Says:

    Lace. So pretty. So guaranteed to drive one insane.

    And whoever put “Branching Out” in Knitty as a beginners’ pattern didn’t have a clue.

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