Game Day and other stuff

I forgot.   No, I didn’t forget that it was game day here in Norman.   I forgot that all the women and children would be in WalMart.   Years ago when I lived in OKC I made that mistake on the OU/Texas game day.     I waited to do my grocery shopping while the game was on in hopes of wide open spaces and a quiet shopping experience.   I was slowly getting annoyed with all the kids running around when I over heard one mother telling her child “if you don’t behave  I’m going to leave you at home with your father next time”.   That’s when it sank in.   And today I forgot.   To make matters worse, I had to use the facilities.   I was in the back so I headed to that restroom only to find it closed for cleaning.   Believe me, if I have to pee they will close every restroom before I get there.   It is my lot in life.   So I turned around (at a fast trot I might add) to go to the restrooms along the front wall.   There was a line that came out into the store.   Don’t they know you NEVER close a women’s restroom during a busy Saturday???   Arrrgh…..I found some newly found bladder strength and walked away to shop some more.   I think I lasted about 10 minutes and headed to the front restrooms again and this time I was able to get in.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  relief!!!

There was knitting done this week.   In fact, if you’ll remember the picture of the shawl in my last post, I’ve knitted on it only 4 or 5 times this past week.   I’m sorry to say there will be no picture in this post.   Why?   Because I have knitted the same 5 rows at least 20 times and ripped them out an equal 20 times.   I think my yarn is starting to look frayed.   Ok, so I’m exaggerating a tiny bit.   What I have managed to do is about 5 rows from where you saw it last.   I added a second lifeline.   I knitted beyond that last night only to end up one stitch short.   I ripped back to the 2nd lifeline.   I will keep knitting.   I actually do enjoy this pattern.   I thought I was paying attention.   I’m knitting slowly and methodically trying to see if I don’t get a stitch slipped just right or whatever it is I’m doing.   Practice makes perfect, right?   If that is the case I’ll have this pattern memorized by the time I get 50 pattern rows completed.   Pray for me, I need it.


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