Ok, I only thought I was through…..

As most everyone knows the elections were over two weeks ago but for some odd reason a very popular tv show continues to harp on their own political bandstand.   I have watched Boston L*gal since it first aired and this is the last season but I won’t watch anymore.   I am tired of the writers/producers/directors using a television show (non-news) to promote their own political opinions.   They insult our intelligence by hoping to sway people to their beliefs.   Wait, I just realized there are probably some ignorant souls out there that would do just that.   Sigh.  

Someone very close to me put it into the proper language, when people do not have real issues to debate they turn to a personal attack.   Aha!   The light bulb clicked on.   I get so irritated by people’s ignorance that I can’t put rational thought into place in these instances.   So when I heard that line of reasoning it all made sense.   Thank you. 

Ok, for those of you who may not watch the above mentioned tv show or do not know what I’m talking about it is the insistent attacks about Sarah Palin.   I am shocked at how many women feel the need to attack her based on nothing but personal issues.  For instance, someone told me they thought she was a joke because of the way she says ‘you betcha’.  How many times have people from the south been taken as less educated because of their accent.   Isn’t this the same thing?      It also surprises me how many feminists (or those who mistakenly believe they are a feminist) are the first ones to sneer and attack her.   It makes me wonder if they hate themselves?  

Sarah has a great record as a mayor and governor of her state.   Why do people want to argue she has no experience?   If she was a male governor  and former mayor would these same people make the same comments?  I doubt it.  

I apologize to those who want to make non-critical comments.    I do have the comments closed because I refuse to let my blog be a platform for the hatemongers.

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