First Finished Object of 2009

Ah…if only I could say ‘the first of many’ finished objects of 2009.   lol  But I know myself too well and I have to skip around with different projects.  I’m sure most of you know how I use the analogy of the crayon box.   Its boring to color with the same crayon.   That’s why there are many color choices in the box.   I get tired of knitting the same project with the same yarn so I have to put a project down and pick up another to relieve the boredom.   But this project I knitted from start to finish without touching another.  I guess that would make this a monogamous project, huh?   I discovered this scarf on another blog I read, Socks for Mum.   I fell in love with it at first sight.   While the wheels were turning in my head I realized I had two skeins of Malabrigo, American Beauty in my stash.   I picked up that yarn at a shop in Centennial called Colorful Yarns.   My mother’s favorite color is red so I cast on on December 20th laughing at my temporary thought of getting it finished by Christmas.   Ha!   I had too much to do.   Anyway, I finished it tonight.   I love it.   I have a half thought of keeping it for myself but I won’t.   I might like to knit one for myself in the yummy cream color on Socks for Mum’s blog or maybe I’ll find another color I love when we visit The Loopy Ewe next month.   Mmmmmmmm, time to dream.





I can’t go on enough about how I love knitting with this yarn.   It is so soft and handles so nicely.

Tonight is also the first full moon of the new year.   I read an article on Yahoo earlier today about some special significance of it being the largest of a certain time frame.   Sorry, can’t recall what it was but I did remember this:  the Native American name for this moon is the Wolf Moon and another name is the Snow Moon.   At times like this is when I wish I had some fancy camera with the appropriate lens.  But here is what I got with my simple Cannon point and shoot.


And we can’t start the new year without a shot of Lexi.


She humors her mama by allowing me to take flash pictures right in her face.

Here’s to many more finished objects in 2009!


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