Memory Lane

Terri and I went to see Gran Torino yesterday.   It is a good movie and I highly recommend it.   But the real topic for me is Clint Eastwood.   I grew up in the 60’s.   I can’t really recall which night of the week it was but I do know that once a week Rawhide and Route 66 were on back to back.   It was a weekly ritual that I’d sit beside my dad (in his lap when I was much younger), munch on popcorn and watch those two shows.   I distinctly remember this though: telling my daddy that I loved Rowdy Yates and that when I grew up I was going to marry him.    I’m sure I said that more than once.   Daddy probably humored me the first time or two and maybe the third or fourth time was when he delivered the news that 1. Rowdy aka Clint was too old for me and 2.  Clint was already married.   Darn it.  It did not stop my fascination with that long tall cowboy.   And yes, I have been attracted to long tall cowboys ever since I was a little girl.   I can say it started with Rowdy/Clint.   I’ve seen many of his movies over the years and there isn’t a one that doesn’t make me think back to the Rowdy days.   I guess he was the first man I loved outside my family.



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    Anita Says:

    I empatize with your love for Clint/Rowdy.

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