I’ve loved tea for as long as I can remember.   In fact at my 4th or 5th birthday party I remember how excited I got when I unwrapped a gift and saw a Cain’s Teabox.   I was sooooooooooooo happy as I had a tea set and my mind was already whirling about the real tea parties I’d have.   I opened the teabox only to find a ceramic piggy bank.   I wasn’t disappointed but then I was only 4 or 5.   lol   Back to tea, I’ve tried different teas throughout the years, flavored teas, green tea, white tea, Earl Grey, you name it I gave it a try.   But when it comes to tea I only want the real deal, black tea.   When this last cold spell came along I pulled out the boxes of teabags and tried different ones and none hit the spot.   I was going grocery shopping and I knew what I’d be looking for, Lipton Black Tea in the individual tea bags, perfect for the individual cup of hot tea I was craving.   I went to Wal-*art thinking they’d have exactly what I wanted.   Imagine my surprise when I had to search for it!   I found French Vanilla Black Tea and Chai Tea and some other foo-f0o tea but no regular black tea (in the small individual tea bags).   I decided I’d buy Tetley or Cains if I could find it but that wasn’t to be.   I finally looked on the bottom shelf and there was my box of Lipton’s 48 individual tea bags of Black Tea.  Ahhh!

Those of you who know me well know about my little ‘thing’ of huffing the crayon box in the store when school is about to start.   No other time will do as most crayons have been on the shelves too long so it has to be when the fresh supplies come in just before school starts.   It also has to be Crayola Crayons.   Mmmmmmmmmm it brings back memories.   Well, here is my second confession.   I love the smell of tea when you remove the celophane from the box.   It rivals the new crayon smell.

Ok, so I’m rambling here but I will leave you with one last recommendation, Johnnie’s here in Norman, sells THE best iced tea I’ve ever had from a fast food joint.   I can’t vouch for any other locations as so far I haven’t tried those but if you are here in Norman, swing through and give it a try.   Oh and they have ‘happy hour’ two times a day on their drinks, half price.   Can’t beat it!




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    Our Johnnie’s in Broken Arrow had the most wonderful iced tea! Unfortunately they closed and I have not had my Johnnie’s tea fix in awhile. I will just have to go to your Johnnie’s next time I am in the area. Man ~ a nice glass of their iced tea would be wonderful right now!

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    Laura Says:

    Mmm . . . fresh tea smell. I also enjoy a nice warm cup of Lipton with a bit of honey in it (helps sore throats too).

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