Roots in Marthon, Texas

I just got home after a very quick three day trip down to Marathon, Texas for my grandmother’s funeral.   I have to be honest and tell you I really did not want to go and tried to think of a good and valid reason why I shouldn’t.   Guilt wouldn’t let me.   And now that it is behind me I have to say I am so very glad I went.   The trip down was better than I figured it would be.   I saw blue sky that I had not seen in a very long time.   In fact, I think it was more blue there than I’ve ever seen here.  I saw lots of countryside.   I saw old family homes.  I saw family I had not seen in a long while.   I saw family I had never met before.   I learned a lot about my grandparents that I never knew.   Get ready because I am going to blog about all of it, not in one post but in several.

First, I wanted to address the pronunciation of Marathon, Texas.   My mother, grandmother and uncle, who were born and raised in or close by have always said:  Mara-thun.   Equal emphasis on each syllable.  When I have talked about Marathon over the years many have said:  Isn’t it MaraTHON?    I’ve heard this over and over throughout the years.   When I was tasked with contacting the local (and this meant Midland-Odessa and the San Angelo) newspapers to make sure my grandmother’s death notice was posted I had this situation happen.   Me:  Does your newspaper cover the Marathon (mara-thun) area?   Guy:  I don’t even know where Marathon (mara-THON) is.   I noticed immediately and held my tongue.   I wanted to smart back to him and say:  if you don’t know where it is, why are you correcting me on how to pronounce it?   lol   So that become my mission (in my head) and that was to find out exactly HOW the natives of Marathon, Texas pronounce the name of their hometown.

The first stop we made was at the local library.   We were desperate for a restroom and the Shell station had TWO busses parked in the parking lot so we knew not to stop there.   Here is a picture of the tiny but very nice library in town:

Public Library of Marthon, Texas

Public Library of Marthon, Texas

There was a very nice lady named Cheryl working inside.   She allowed us to use the restroom.   We were very thankful!

But I digress….I was engaged in conversation later with my mother’s cousin Shirley who has lived nearly her entire life in Marathon and my uncle who grew up there.   I took the opportunity to ask both of them how it is pronounced and each said:   Mara-thun.   So there.   That is it and I will defend how ‘we’ say it from now on.   lol  My mother’s cousin said it’s a sure thing that when anyone says Mara-THON that they are not a native.   Case closed!

I took 133 pictures.   You may see many of them so get ready!   lol  More on another day.


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    Linda Says:

    Sorry to hear about Grandma. I lost mine 10 years ago and still miss her.

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