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I have knitting content!   (about time you say?)   lol   I started the Tasseled Fez from the Hats On! book a couple of weeks ago.   I first used Cascade Quattro in Lime and Aqua.   I realized pretty quick that two things were wrong:  1.  there wasn’t enough contrast so the pattern wasn’t going to pop and 2. I had 2 less stitches than required.   I frogged that effort and grabbed a skein of 220 in solid purple.   Wow!  Was that a mistake made in heaven!   It made all the difference in the world.   This pattern required 2 handed knitting and after knitting for nearly 6 solid hours on a car trip, I think knitting knit stitches continental feels much more natural to me now.   (Sorry! Can’t say the same for purl stitches.)   I’m knitting this hat for my nephew in Colorado.    His mother assures me that the brighter the colors the better.   It seems to be the ‘thing’ in his school.   Anyway here are some pictures on my glass model.   And please take my word for it……pictures do not do it justice, including those in the book.  

Tassled Fez from Hats On!   80% complete

Tassled Fez from Hats On! 80% complete

Closer shot of the pattern on Tassled Fez

Closer shot of the pattern on Tassled Fez

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this hat.   I love the detail of the herringbone braid.   Now to finish the 1.5 inches I have left to do and add the tassles!



  1. 1
    Chris Says:

    Love the color combo! Must get that book and try my hand at it.

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Love it! I have the book but haven’t done anything out of it yet…you have motivated me!

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