My Texas Roots or What are the Odds?

All my life I knew two facts.   My mother’s people were Texans and my father’s people were in Oklahoma and Missouri.   Introduce two geneology books:  Maryland Catholics on the Frontier and Nathan and Sarah All Our Children and I could see where our line came from for several generations.   I’m going to focus on one line of the family tree in this post and that is of my grandmother and great grandmother’s side.  Because I recently met some of my mother’s family I’d never met at my grandmother’s funeral a week ago the family tree was a big topic.  My great, great, great grandfather was Zachariah Martin Wells.  When I moved to the OKC area in 2000 my mother told me we’d have to go search the cemeteries in Moore and try to find his grave.   We never did but at the funeral, my mother’s cousin (who is very active in the geneology search) mentioned his possible grave site to me.   I told him I’d go check it out.   To shorten the story a bit I found   I kept focusing on cemeteries in Moore.   One thing kept popping into my head based on this article, and that was Norman would be another possibility.  So with that in mind, I plugged in his last name for a search of the IOOF Cemetery in Norman.   All I found was a listing for Elo’Z M Wells.   Hmmmmm   Year of birth the same, year of death the same.   M and Wells was a match but not Elo’Z.   Although the Z certainly was a great clue.   I was typing an email to my mother’s cousin when an email arrived from him and he was sending me the same link.   lol   He is the one who said that “O” is probably a “D” and that the marker said “ELD Z M WELLS”.   ELD was short for Elder.    He was a Baptist preacher who had a circuit ministry in Texas but came to the Oklahoma Territory during the landrush.   He started Baptist churches in Moore and Norman.   I am so elated to find that website.   What is even better yet is some one has taken pictures of the headstones in this cemetery and entered them on this site.   Thank God!   I don’t know how long ago those pictures were taken, but today I went out to the cemetery myself and found the grave.   I can barely make out the words on the stone.   I took my own pictures but the are poor at best.  So all of that to end with this:   What are the odds that after five generations I end up living in the same area as my Texas great great great grandparents and find their grave in Norman, Oklahoma?



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