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Wednesday Update

April 29, 2009

I came back with an allergy attack.   I hate this stuff but other than making me tired it isn’t as bad as some.

I was relating some of our stories from the trip yesterday at work.   My co-worker said Marjie and I were like Thelma and Louise and that we were road warriors!   lol   I had never thought of it before and I certainly have no intention of driving off a cliff….but if I could meet up with Brad Pitt….oh wait…this is a knitting blog.   😉

I’ve mentioned the Andrea Reversible several times and never do include a picture update.   Well no more!   Here it is:

Andrea Revisible Scarf out of Helen's Lace

Andrea Revisible Scarf out of Helen's Lace

I’ve completed over 21 repeats.   The pattern calls for 31 repeats.   I think I’ll knit until I’m about out of yarn.   I know blocking will really lengthen this but it isn’t anywhere near as long as I’d like it.   See that lifeline?   There are actually two, one can’t be seen as clearly.   I tried Karen’s idea of using the Knit Picks cable as one but it really annoyed me to no end so I pulled it out while on the trip.   When we were on our way back from St. Louis in February I had a mistake I could not seem to correct.   My last lifeline was over 3 inches back.   Ugh.   Yes, I had to frog all that way back.   I put this project in time out and only pulled it out upon occassion.   I am happy to say that while in Atlanta I made it to the “St. Louis” point and am proceeding forward!  Yay!!!

The trip.   On the way down we had plans to stop at yarn shops in Memphis and Birmingham.    Thank God we did.   Both trips to yarn shops (unbeknownst to us but realized on the way back) kept us from some yucky portions of congested highway.   It also allowed us to see the most glorious view of downtown Birmingham.   My gosh!!  I couldn’t believe how hilly it was and so lush and beautiful!   I think I could live there.   After stops at three yarn shops I had the only purchase between the two of us.    This is what I bought:

Dawn Silk

Dawn Silk

I also got this:

Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool

Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool

I love olive green and the shop had a cute fan and feather scarf knitted out of this yarn.

Something we noticed:   most of the shops had very little wool.   Hmmm could that be because their climates are warmer, more humid?   That would be my guess.  But still a bit of a surprise.   People do like to knit felted bags etc.

One of the lines we were hoping to find was a great selection of Blue Sky Alapaca – Sport Weight and Silk and Alpaca.   None were to be found at the three stops before Stitches South.   The next day we looked all over Stitches South and only found the Dyed Cotton.

Friday evening I was surfing the Atlanta shops on Ravelry only to find that Knitch would be open late in celebration of Stitches South!   Yay!!  I called to confirm as it was 7:30 then, they were open until 9.   Got some better information on location and parking and off we went.   This shop is in a very trendy section of midtown Atlanta.   It is POPULAR!!   We found it via GPS but pulled into the alley I was told about.   There were bars and restaurants all over the place and being Friday night everything was hopping.   We made two circles before we lucked out and saw someone leaving.   We grabbed that close spot and made our way to the cutest shop!    The entrance is in the alley but once you walk in you forget that.   Two floors with great eye appeal!   They are also one of the few shops that carries Socks that Rock yarn.   They had both Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk and the Sport Weight but none of the colors I was interested in.   The ladies were very nice and helpful.   There was so much yarn to drool over and Amy Butler fabrics.   But this is all I left with:

Socks that Rock Heavyweight Lettuce Knit

Socks that Rock Heavyweight Lettuce Knit

The next day was a free day for us.   We had some addresses for yarn shops and Trader Joes.   Out of three yarn shop addresses only one was good.   We made it to Needle Nook which is owned and run by a lovely lady named Arlene.   She’s had this shop for over 30 years.   It’s long and narrow but believe me every bit of space is crammed with yarn!    Arlene was a joy to visit with.    There was a lady who worked there whose name I didn’t get who was very nice.   There was also a customer in the shop who chimed in (as knitters do) who was very sweet to us.   And I just realized I didn’t get a picture of the yarn I bought there.   Grrrrrr   oh well….I’ll show it later.

A comment about both of the Atlanta shops:   The ladies that worked in these shops were all very kind and helpful.   But this is what tickled us most,  Knitch gave us a 15% discount by showing our Stitches ticket!!!   And Needle Nook gave us a 10% discount just because we were out of town visitors!    We had a similar thing with Knitorious in St. Louis.   That type of kindness really amazes me.   When I’m in the area I’ll be sure to return!   Also Arlene gave us each this wallet card that has some very useful knitting info that we always forget while shopping!!  Or at least I do….and now I have it safely tucked into my wallet.   Yay!

Well this post is long enough.    I’ll do another one later on the yarns found at Stitches.   I have to say, this is the best Stitches trip (to me) so far.   I’ll definitely go back.


We’re back!!

April 27, 2009

Just got in this evening.   It was a FANTASTIC trip!   We had a great time and the drive to Atlanta was gorgeous.   I bought way too much yarn, as usual.   But wow is it beautiful!   Brooks Farm, Lisa Souza, Knitting Notions, Just Our Yarn, Miss Babs….to name a few.   Oh and we got ‘hard things’.   Get your mind out of the gutter.   We didn’t want to spoil Karen’s surprise so that was the description she got.   lol   Hard things are good, useful and pretty.   I’ll show you what we got after Karen gets hers.  🙂

Shock of the trip:   Talladega!!!  OMG!!!   I had no idea we’d drive right by it.   I couldn’t figure out why all the RV’s and pickups with grills in the back were on the road.   Pretty soon we passed their exit and it made sense.   Then we drove by the ‘camp grounds’.   I cannot even begin to tell you…..Marjie said it best….there are HUNDREDS of ACRES of rv’s, campers and tents.   Those NASCAR folks are worse than knitters, if you can believe that!   lol

My regret:  that I never take pictures.   This was one of the most beautiful car trips I’ve taken.   I fell in love with Birmingham, Alabama and Georgia.   I didn’t take a single scenery picture.   I know why.   My camera isn’t good with picking up the details or zooming in.   So why bother?

That’s it for now.   Its after 11 and I’m about to drop.   I have to go back to work tomorrow.   I have the bug (knitting bug) bad and all I want to do is knit.

Back with details later!

Saturday Ramblings….

April 18, 2009

I know it has been awhile.   I’ve been knitting here and there.   For the most part I’ve been working on the Andrea Reversible Scarf.  I’ve been working on that since January of 2008.   That is a loooong time.   But in my defense I knit on it and then put it down to work on other projects then pick it back up again.   I learned my lesson on lifelines and believe me my lifelines have come in handy more than once on this project.   In fact, on the road back from St. Louis I had to cave and rip back to a lifeline that was 3 inches down.   Broke my heart.   I haven’t  made it back to where I was but I’m working on it.   My friend Karen had a great idea that I will implement.   She suggested that instead of using another type of yarn as a lifeline that I unscrew my beloved Harmony needle tips, leave the cable there and start knitting with a new cable.   I love it!   Lifelines are nice but picking up stitches from a lifeless piece of yarn is sometimes a bitch.   lol

Marjie and I are headed to Stitches South.   I’ve never been to Atlanta so this will be my first visit.   I have two Stitches under my belt now and I think I’ll be more discriminating this trip.   I know I’ll visit and buy from Brooks Farm.   They have some gorgeous colorways that call to me.   I plan to visit Adela’s booth also.   They carry the largest selection of Schaefer yarns I’ve ever seen.   I’m sure I’ll find something there I can’t live without.   I’ll also be on the search for some near solids from indie dyers.   Oh and some Blue Sky Sport Weight.   I can’t recall ever seeing that at other Stitches events but you never know.

Other news:  I’m so excited!!   I have owed back taxes forever it seems like (long story, misread form, didn’t hold out enough yada yada yada).   I have been making those monthly payments for a long time.   Well, this year, for the first time in four years I get refunds from both the feds and state!    I cannot tell you what a relief that is….not the refunds but that I have obliterated my tax debt!  Yay!!!   It is like the sun is shining again.   🙂   Ok, so I’m going a bit far there…but you get my drift.

Lexi is doing fine.   We’ve got a new routine.   When I’m ready to go to bed I’ll ask her if she is ready to go night-night.   Her ears will perk up, she gets up, stretches and then jumps off her chair to lead the way to the bedroom.   She stops in the living room and lets me go get settled.   Then she’ll come in and join me.   I know I’m easily entertained but I think that is so cute.

That’s the update for now.   I’ll try to take some knitting pictures for next time.   Keep on knitting!


April 8, 2009

Ok, I did a QUICK search and can’t find the clip or mention but on Good Morning America this morning they showed a clip from Italy.   Rescue teams found an elderly woman in her 70’s or 80’s underneath some rubble of her home and she was alive.   How did she keep herself going while trapped?    She knitted!    I didn’t see any knitting in her hands but maybe there will be a clip later on today.

Sorry for the short post but I have to get to work.


Found it!