Saturday Ramblings….

I know it has been awhile.   I’ve been knitting here and there.   For the most part I’ve been working on the Andrea Reversible Scarf.  I’ve been working on that since January of 2008.   That is a loooong time.   But in my defense I knit on it and then put it down to work on other projects then pick it back up again.   I learned my lesson on lifelines and believe me my lifelines have come in handy more than once on this project.   In fact, on the road back from St. Louis I had to cave and rip back to a lifeline that was 3 inches down.   Broke my heart.   I haven’t  made it back to where I was but I’m working on it.   My friend Karen had a great idea that I will implement.   She suggested that instead of using another type of yarn as a lifeline that I unscrew my beloved Harmony needle tips, leave the cable there and start knitting with a new cable.   I love it!   Lifelines are nice but picking up stitches from a lifeless piece of yarn is sometimes a bitch.   lol

Marjie and I are headed to Stitches South.   I’ve never been to Atlanta so this will be my first visit.   I have two Stitches under my belt now and I think I’ll be more discriminating this trip.   I know I’ll visit and buy from Brooks Farm.   They have some gorgeous colorways that call to me.   I plan to visit Adela’s booth also.   They carry the largest selection of Schaefer yarns I’ve ever seen.   I’m sure I’ll find something there I can’t live without.   I’ll also be on the search for some near solids from indie dyers.   Oh and some Blue Sky Sport Weight.   I can’t recall ever seeing that at other Stitches events but you never know.

Other news:  I’m so excited!!   I have owed back taxes forever it seems like (long story, misread form, didn’t hold out enough yada yada yada).   I have been making those monthly payments for a long time.   Well, this year, for the first time in four years I get refunds from both the feds and state!    I cannot tell you what a relief that is….not the refunds but that I have obliterated my tax debt!  Yay!!!   It is like the sun is shining again.   🙂   Ok, so I’m going a bit far there…but you get my drift.

Lexi is doing fine.   We’ve got a new routine.   When I’m ready to go to bed I’ll ask her if she is ready to go night-night.   Her ears will perk up, she gets up, stretches and then jumps off her chair to lead the way to the bedroom.   She stops in the living room and lets me go get settled.   Then she’ll come in and join me.   I know I’m easily entertained but I think that is so cute.

That’s the update for now.   I’ll try to take some knitting pictures for next time.   Keep on knitting!


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    Michelle Says:

    Wow – Stitches South – sounds amazing.

    Thanks for the tip about the yarn store in Springfield. I went the last time I visited my daughter and it was great! I found the perfect pattern and yarn for my niece’s impending baby.

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