We’re back!!

Just got in this evening.   It was a FANTASTIC trip!   We had a great time and the drive to Atlanta was gorgeous.   I bought way too much yarn, as usual.   But wow is it beautiful!   Brooks Farm, Lisa Souza, Knitting Notions, Just Our Yarn, Miss Babs….to name a few.   Oh and we got ‘hard things’.   Get your mind out of the gutter.   We didn’t want to spoil Karen’s surprise so that was the description she got.   lol   Hard things are good, useful and pretty.   I’ll show you what we got after Karen gets hers.  🙂

Shock of the trip:   Talladega!!!  OMG!!!   I had no idea we’d drive right by it.   I couldn’t figure out why all the RV’s and pickups with grills in the back were on the road.   Pretty soon we passed their exit and it made sense.   Then we drove by the ‘camp grounds’.   I cannot even begin to tell you…..Marjie said it best….there are HUNDREDS of ACRES of rv’s, campers and tents.   Those NASCAR folks are worse than knitters, if you can believe that!   lol

My regret:  that I never take pictures.   This was one of the most beautiful car trips I’ve taken.   I fell in love with Birmingham, Alabama and Georgia.   I didn’t take a single scenery picture.   I know why.   My camera isn’t good with picking up the details or zooming in.   So why bother?

That’s it for now.   Its after 11 and I’m about to drop.   I have to go back to work tomorrow.   I have the bug (knitting bug) bad and all I want to do is knit.

Back with details later!


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    Chris Says:

    It was fun, wasn’t it! I stayed until Sat morning, and good thing. I would have just spent more money if I had stayed longer.

    We usually are in that camping heaven, but Stitches was a bigger lure than nascar this year. And good thing, the amount of wrecking put most all of my favorites out of the running early!

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