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May 29, 2009

Ta-da?   What is the Ta-da for?   I’m so very excited.    Remember a while back I said I was so tempted to go to Sock Summit 2009?   Well I am!!!!!   That’s right.   I managed to get three classes at Sock Summit and I am about to burst with excitement.   I had vacilated for months about going.   After Stitches South that urge became more insistent.   So I talked to Marjie and we decided if we could get into some classes we wanted that we’d go.   The 26th rolled around and I was poised with credit card and computer at the ready.    After an hour of frustration, pages not loading, a reboot of the system at work and then all the classes showing ‘sold out’  I gave up.   I was worried that the volume of people wanting to enroll would be too much and it was.   I also knew the classes would fill up within minutes and I wasn’t far off base.   I was about ready to leave for lunch when Marjie called and said there are classes showing available.   I pulled the page back up and managed to get 2 of my first choices and one of my second choice classes.  What did I get?   I nabbed Holes in Your Sock with Anne Hanson, Toe Up for Travelers with Lucy Neatby and Beaded Cables with Sivia Harding!   I really wanted to get into Barbara Walker’s Mosaic class just for the sake of taking a class from Barbara herself.   That is the one everyone else wanted too.   Darn it.   But!   I will get to see Barbara at the book signing and I did get a ticket for the Luminary Panel.   Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ok, I’ll try to settle down now.   Breath deep…….  🙂

Yes I have knitting content.   I’ve been working on a scarf with the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite that I got while at Stitches South.   I do love that yarn.   (She’ll be at Sock Summit btw)  Here is the progress so far:


I can’t begin to describe how enjoyable this yarn is to knit with.   I love the color variations.   It reminds me of Monet’s Waterlillies.

I went to visit my mother this past weekend.   When I was leaving we saw this:


It’s a little toad and this is a birdhouse sitting on top of a pole.   How on earth he got up and in there is beyond me.   But my mother said he was in there last summer too….or maybe a different toad?   lol   Anyway, he just blinked and posed for the camera.

Hope all of you have a great weekend and hopefully filled with lots of knitting!


Diners Drive Ins and Dives!!!

May 20, 2009

GuyGuess who is across the street at The Diner filming an episode of Diners Drive Ins and Dives!!!!   Guy Fieri!!!

And yes, I do have my picture with him but I so hate pictures of me.   lol   So this will have to do!!


ETA:  To correct title and add his name.

Monday in May

May 18, 2009

I have knitting content!   A FO and a new WIP.

Ruffled Baby Hat

Ruffled Baby Hat

This is the Ruffled Baby Hat I finished yesterday.   The yarn is Claudia Handpaint Cotton.   The colorway is Desert Dusk.   Marjie and I both picked up this yarn at The Needle Nook in Atlanta.   This is the result of cobbling a pattern from several other patterns.   Does that make it mine??   😉   It is obviously for a newborn.   I’ll make another soon and make it larger.   It is way too small for my glass head so this tumbler had to be my model.

I’ve long wanted to cast on something with one of my yarns from Brooks Farms in Lancaster, Texas.   This is Solo Silk that I picked up at Stitches Midwest in Chicago this past summer.   The pattern for this project is Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson.

Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson out of Solo Silk by Brooks Farms

Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson out of Solo Silk by Brooks Farms

I’ve got a ways to go but it seems to go by pretty quick.

When we found out Karen couldn’t  go to Atlanta with us she told us we’d have to buy some yarn for her.   Karen’s second love is pottery.   So when we saw the yarn bowls at the Knit Witch’s booth I knew Karen would love to have one.    We wouldn’t tell her what her ‘hard thing’ was as we wanted it to be a surprise.   Because of that I couldn’t post about mine because Karen was stalking the blog hoping to get a clue.   Well she now has her ‘hard thing’ and I think she is very pleased.   I know I love mine and here it is:

Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

I love putting my yarn cake into the bowl, threading the yarn through the notch and knitting away.   No matter how I yank on the yarn the cake stays in place.   I really like it a lot.

I’m thinking out loud here…..have you seen the roster for Sock Summit?   It is INCREDIBLE!!   And the prices are very reasonable.   $70 for a 3 hour class.   $140 for 6 hours.   Stephanie and Tina have already made comments that this may be a one time deal.   I am really tempted to go.

Lexi had a rough day last week.   I have a picture on my living room wall that is pretty heavy.   I’ve used the same hanger for this picture for years.   It’s rated for 45 lbs.   For some reason it fell last week while Lexi was sitting just feet from it.   Needless to say it scared her terribly.   I’ve never seen her run for cover so hard and quick before!   This happened before I left for work.   I came home around 4:30 to let the AC guys in.   I didn’t see her but then she wouldn’t make an appearance with strangers in the house.   I couldn’t help but notice she had not visited her box nor had she eaten any of her food.   I left after the AC was recharged to meet the gals to knit.   I came home around 8.   I started looking for Lexi and after half an hour still had not found her.   I even tempted her with a midweek treat and she wasn’t showing.   I finally sat down and about 20 minutes later she made her appearance.   That was the night we had the storms come through so I put her and essentials into my closet and closed the door.   I joined her twice when the sirens went off but left her when I came out to check the weather on the tv.   When I went back to let her out she wasn’t there!   I knew there was no way she could have gotten out so I looked again and there she was laying on top of a pile of my shoes with my shirts hiding all of her except her eyes and nose.   lol   If only I had my camera in hand!

Mama....why are you telling about my stressful day?

Mama....why are you telling about my stressful day?

Keep on knitting!

Knit or Tink?

May 9, 2009

This week it seems everything I touched had to be frogged or tinked.

I took the lovely Hardtwist Petite by Lisa Souza that I picked up at Stitches South and started Ishbel.   One would think that after nearly five years of knitting that I would know how to read a knitting pattern by now.   Sigh!  I was nearly finished with the ‘boring’ knit of the pattern when it was brought to my attention that the small scarf size took over 600 yards of fingering weight.   My skein was 500 yards.   Grrrrrrr……I frogged it.   It was such a beautiful fabric.   So I found a gorgeous pattern for The Checkerboard Lace Scarf.   I cast on and by row 8 I was tinking.   I tinked back 3 rows when I threw in the towel and ripped the whole thing out.   I wound the yarn back around the cake and gave it a loving pat and put it in time out.   It isn’t the yarn it is me.

Today I picked up the Andrea Reversible.   I messed up immediately and tinked back three rows.   I ended up ripping back to the lifeline.   Then I put it back into the project bag and put the needles down.

I think my mojo is injured.   So I’ll practice some things for a few days before I pick up a project again.   Sometimes the planets are not aligned as they should be.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Happy knitting!

Azul y Verde and other things….

May 3, 2009

Meet Azul y Verde:


Back in 2007 when we first attended a Stitches event, we had no clue as to what we needed as shoppers (besides money!) to attend an event like Stitches East.   Anything you carry weighs 25 times its weight in about 15 minutes.   First thing thru the door I bought a whole bag of Noro Silk Garden.   I was given a brown shopping bag with twisted handles.   In no time it was cutting into my hands.   Someone in our group saw several shoppers with a lime green fabric bag and found out we could purchase one for $5.   Needless to say that booth made out like bandits!   We all bought one as it was much easier on the hands.   Still yet, it was a nuisance and became very heavy.   That was our lesson learned.   When Marjie and I went to Stitches Midwest 2008 we knew we needed something on wheels.   Marjie loaned me her rolling duffle and I had a purse that was designed to be carried like a backpack.   I found out really quick that backpack was a pain in the behind.   Anyway, about 2 months ago Marjie had gone shopping at T J Maxx and found Azul.   She called me at work to tell me about her find.   I ran over after work that day and paid $20 for Verde.   That was an good $20 investment.   When we walked into Stitches South 2009 we were prepared.   We packed water, our wallets, one knitting project and we were off!    We were pointed out by other shoppers who had heavy bags or purses on their shoulders.   One set of ladies pointed and said that’s what we should have done.    I told them this was our third show and we learned the hard way the first show.   One lady said we were their heroes!   lol

Azul y Verde are our best buds now.   If you plan on attending a huge shopping event you’ll want one of your own.   Believe me.   🙂

I had the best Saturday afternoon yesterday!   I met with a great bunch of gals and we knitted, talked and munched on goodies all afternoon long.   We had show-n-tell as a few of us had attended different knitting events.    We all came home with lucious yarn not found in our area.    It is so nice to see everyone’s knitting projects.   And best of all to be able to talk and share with people you enjoy who love knitting is a true joy!  Once again I didn’t get a picture of our group but maybe I’ll do so the next time.   We definitely plan on doing this again and again.

I wound the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite last night.   I love this yarn!!   I can’t begin to describe the spring to that yarn.   I cast on for Ishbel and worked on it for about an hour before I had to call it a night.    I guess that is part of the reason I cannot stand to knit with yarn that does not please my sense of touch.   I loved squeezing that skein all the way home from Atlanta.   I was torn about winding it but knew it might be more beautiful in yarn cake form (it was) and then to see how it is unfolding in the knitted piece…omg!   Her yarn is sold directly by her only.   She has a website and I would strongly encourage everyone to go visit that site and see all her gorgeous yarn.   She was trained as a water colorist and that is why her yarns are so unique and beautiful.      Also she was a pleasure to visit with while in her booth.

Something I noticed that finally ‘clicked’ with me:   After attending Stitches events and the many stops at various yarn shops the past few years, I’ve noticed something about the indie dyer yarns.   You can tell who is just starting out, who has gone beyond the basics and the ultimate professionals.

Another thing I have said before and will say again,   we have the best yarn shops here in the state of Oklahoma.   I’ve visited shops in Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, Alabama, California and Georgia.   Yes, we’ve found some great shops in those states but overall, our stores are still tops!     So if you are the type of knitter who loves a good road trip and your favorite destinations are yarn shops you are missing out if you don’t visit our state.   😉

I have bought several books in the past month or so all knitting books and all about socks.   One of our books sellers here in Norman has been sending out email coupons.   I’ve taken advantage of that and yesterday bought Wendy Johnson’s new book Socks from the Toe Up.   It is a beautiful book!   Plenty of gorgeous patterns and lovely color examples.

My wish:  That publishers of knitting pattern books would use spirals for those books.   You who know me know I can’t stand to mar a book in any way.   That includes opening a book wide to place on a copy machine glass.   Oh…I always make a working copy of the pattern I’m knitting so I don’t mess up my book.   So putting the book on that copy glass to make my working copy makes me cringe because of the damage it does to the book.     I did take some knitting books to a place here in Norman to do the spiral edges.   The first trip was great.   The second trip was a disaster.   The gal who did the task did not know what she was doing.   She brought my book to me and asked me if I noticed the book was published with the pages out of order.   ??????   She had put the spiral in and handed me the book thinking I believed it was published that way.   I had to hand it back and show her that she had punched the holes in the wrong side of the pages and that she had stacked the pages wrong before she inserted the spiral.   She ruined my book.   Yes, it is still usable but the page edge is now at the edge of the printed word.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   Yes, they gave me my money back (for both books although only one was ruined) and it did cover the price of the ruined book.   I am afraid to go back for fear of more ruined books.   So if publishers would take that extra step our books would come in usable form.   Just my wish.    lol

I’m just now feeling more normal after the allergy/cold stuff I came down with in Atlanta.   I have a bookshelf from work coming to my house some time this week.   It will be used for yarn and knitting.   Did you think it would be used for anything else??   lol   I need to make sure every thing is in order.   I’ll leave you with this picture of my sweet Lexi.   Notice the sisal mouse she is ignoring.   Believe me she is in full attack mode and does the ignore thing while playing with that mouse.   Good thing it is made of sisal because she attacks and claws that poor mouse like crazy!

Lexi and mouse

Lexi and mouse

Happy knitting!!!!