Knit or Tink?

This week it seems everything I touched had to be frogged or tinked.

I took the lovely Hardtwist Petite by Lisa Souza that I picked up at Stitches South and started Ishbel.   One would think that after nearly five years of knitting that I would know how to read a knitting pattern by now.   Sigh!  I was nearly finished with the ‘boring’ knit of the pattern when it was brought to my attention that the small scarf size took over 600 yards of fingering weight.   My skein was 500 yards.   Grrrrrrr……I frogged it.   It was such a beautiful fabric.   So I found a gorgeous pattern for The Checkerboard Lace Scarf.   I cast on and by row 8 I was tinking.   I tinked back 3 rows when I threw in the towel and ripped the whole thing out.   I wound the yarn back around the cake and gave it a loving pat and put it in time out.   It isn’t the yarn it is me.

Today I picked up the Andrea Reversible.   I messed up immediately and tinked back three rows.   I ended up ripping back to the lifeline.   Then I put it back into the project bag and put the needles down.

I think my mojo is injured.   So I’ll practice some things for a few days before I pick up a project again.   Sometimes the planets are not aligned as they should be.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Happy knitting!


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    Hello! I enjoyed reading your blog. I do knit, but right now I’m spending my time quilting. My knitting projects are put away, but after reading about your knitting I feel I should haul them out so I can work on them once in a while.

    I found your blog on a search. Every few months I enter “Nathan and Sarah All Our Children” in Google and sometimes “Nathan Meeks” just to see if any new info has come online. Once I found some books on a used book site. I was surprised and pleased to see your blog pop up. I am related to Nathan and Sarah Meeks through their 5th son, James Franklin Meeks, and his daughter, Callie Clarinda. Callie is my Great Grandmother who I was lucky to know. She died when I was 10. I sure wish I had been able to spend more time with her and learn about the family’s past. I lost touch with that side of my family when I was 11. Very sad how things work out sometimes.

    I’m very glad for you to have moved back to the area where your family lived and to have found out more about them. I am always on the look out for a Meeks reunion, but haven’t heard of one. Couldn’t get to Texas anyway! I did find the Knobbs on Google maps. Amazing the stuff you can find on the internet.

    Do you know about the Sharpwriters Meeks site:
    I know of a few more sites, but you are probably more interested in the Martin’s. I don’t do genealogy, but do have the book and keep some family records.

    Good to know you are out there. I look forward to reading about your knitting.

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