Monday in May

I have knitting content!   A FO and a new WIP.

Ruffled Baby Hat

Ruffled Baby Hat

This is the Ruffled Baby Hat I finished yesterday.   The yarn is Claudia Handpaint Cotton.   The colorway is Desert Dusk.   Marjie and I both picked up this yarn at The Needle Nook in Atlanta.   This is the result of cobbling a pattern from several other patterns.   Does that make it mine??   😉   It is obviously for a newborn.   I’ll make another soon and make it larger.   It is way too small for my glass head so this tumbler had to be my model.

I’ve long wanted to cast on something with one of my yarns from Brooks Farms in Lancaster, Texas.   This is Solo Silk that I picked up at Stitches Midwest in Chicago this past summer.   The pattern for this project is Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson.

Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson out of Solo Silk by Brooks Farms

Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson out of Solo Silk by Brooks Farms

I’ve got a ways to go but it seems to go by pretty quick.

When we found out Karen couldn’t  go to Atlanta with us she told us we’d have to buy some yarn for her.   Karen’s second love is pottery.   So when we saw the yarn bowls at the Knit Witch’s booth I knew Karen would love to have one.    We wouldn’t tell her what her ‘hard thing’ was as we wanted it to be a surprise.   Because of that I couldn’t post about mine because Karen was stalking the blog hoping to get a clue.   Well she now has her ‘hard thing’ and I think she is very pleased.   I know I love mine and here it is:

Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

I love putting my yarn cake into the bowl, threading the yarn through the notch and knitting away.   No matter how I yank on the yarn the cake stays in place.   I really like it a lot.

I’m thinking out loud here…..have you seen the roster for Sock Summit?   It is INCREDIBLE!!   And the prices are very reasonable.   $70 for a 3 hour class.   $140 for 6 hours.   Stephanie and Tina have already made comments that this may be a one time deal.   I am really tempted to go.

Lexi had a rough day last week.   I have a picture on my living room wall that is pretty heavy.   I’ve used the same hanger for this picture for years.   It’s rated for 45 lbs.   For some reason it fell last week while Lexi was sitting just feet from it.   Needless to say it scared her terribly.   I’ve never seen her run for cover so hard and quick before!   This happened before I left for work.   I came home around 4:30 to let the AC guys in.   I didn’t see her but then she wouldn’t make an appearance with strangers in the house.   I couldn’t help but notice she had not visited her box nor had she eaten any of her food.   I left after the AC was recharged to meet the gals to knit.   I came home around 8.   I started looking for Lexi and after half an hour still had not found her.   I even tempted her with a midweek treat and she wasn’t showing.   I finally sat down and about 20 minutes later she made her appearance.   That was the night we had the storms come through so I put her and essentials into my closet and closed the door.   I joined her twice when the sirens went off but left her when I came out to check the weather on the tv.   When I went back to let her out she wasn’t there!   I knew there was no way she could have gotten out so I looked again and there she was laying on top of a pile of my shoes with my shirts hiding all of her except her eyes and nose.   lol   If only I had my camera in hand!

Mama....why are you telling about my stressful day?

Mama....why are you telling about my stressful day?

Keep on knitting!



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    Loved this post! Cute, cute baby hat and I LOVE that morning glory wrap! That bowl is to die for too…I’ve never seen such a thing! Poor Lexi…what a traumatic day. Hope she’s recovered!

  2. 2
    Chris Says:

    Is she stuck to the ceiling?

    We have a new puppy in our house. I am amazed that storms do not seem to bother him at all.

    Cute hat!

  3. 3
    Kay Says:

    No she isn’t stuck to the ceiling….lol I rotated it so she’s facing us instead of being upside down. She’s on the carpet.

  4. 4

    I love the hat you made with the Claudia’s Handpaint Cotton. I made a child’s shrug with it and it came out great. Did have a little bit of a color running issue when I blocked it but that stopped after a few rinses. I just love your yarn bowl. I had Wayne make a fish bowl for me and it sits right on my coffee table. I just love their stuff and I am now also carrying her sock yarn at my shop. Customers seem to like it and I have one sock knit but not the second, always my problem.

    It was great to see you and Marjie in Atlanta and hope to hear from you soon.


  5. 5
    Terri Says:

    Thanks for all your help. I did it. I ordered four of them. I know you’ll be there to support me. (Didn’t know you created a monster did ya?)

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