Ta-da?   What is the Ta-da for?   I’m so very excited.    Remember a while back I said I was so tempted to go to Sock Summit 2009?   Well I am!!!!!   That’s right.   I managed to get three classes at Sock Summit and I am about to burst with excitement.   I had vacilated for months about going.   After Stitches South that urge became more insistent.   So I talked to Marjie and we decided if we could get into some classes we wanted that we’d go.   The 26th rolled around and I was poised with credit card and computer at the ready.    After an hour of frustration, pages not loading, a reboot of the system at work and then all the classes showing ‘sold out’  I gave up.   I was worried that the volume of people wanting to enroll would be too much and it was.   I also knew the classes would fill up within minutes and I wasn’t far off base.   I was about ready to leave for lunch when Marjie called and said there are classes showing available.   I pulled the page back up and managed to get 2 of my first choices and one of my second choice classes.  What did I get?   I nabbed Holes in Your Sock with Anne Hanson, Toe Up for Travelers with Lucy Neatby and Beaded Cables with Sivia Harding!   I really wanted to get into Barbara Walker’s Mosaic class just for the sake of taking a class from Barbara herself.   That is the one everyone else wanted too.   Darn it.   But!   I will get to see Barbara at the book signing and I did get a ticket for the Luminary Panel.   Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ok, I’ll try to settle down now.   Breath deep…….  🙂

Yes I have knitting content.   I’ve been working on a scarf with the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite that I got while at Stitches South.   I do love that yarn.   (She’ll be at Sock Summit btw)  Here is the progress so far:


I can’t begin to describe how enjoyable this yarn is to knit with.   I love the color variations.   It reminds me of Monet’s Waterlillies.

I went to visit my mother this past weekend.   When I was leaving we saw this:


It’s a little toad and this is a birdhouse sitting on top of a pole.   How on earth he got up and in there is beyond me.   But my mother said he was in there last summer too….or maybe a different toad?   lol   Anyway, he just blinked and posed for the camera.

Hope all of you have a great weekend and hopefully filled with lots of knitting!



  1. 1
    Michelle Says:

    Now I am beyond envious. Sock Summit??? Wow!

    I am spending part of my summer teaching teachers. Not that I am complaining a whole lot because that is going to fund a trip to NYC later in the year.

    The scarf is very nice – I really like the pattern.

  2. 2
    emily Says:

    I’m excited for you! So much drama about Sock Summit on Rav. . .glad to know we’ll be represented well there.

    House is now officially ours! I need to test drive the front porch for knitting. Deck needs an umbrella or other shade object before we can sit out there.

  3. 3
    Kay Says:

    Thanks! We are excited. I do have to say I understand the disappointment of those who were not able to get in. For a short while I felt that same disappointment strongly. But on the other hand, with that roster of teachers/classes, it has to be the most fantastic event I’ve seen in the knitting world. It was bound to be something comparable to grabbing tickets to a concert of rock/country stars. I have to give props to Tina and Stephanie for taking this on. There was no way everyone would walk away happy and now they are taking some unkind hits. It is amazing how mean some people can be.

  4. 4
    Carolyn Says:

    Lucky girl!! Congrats on getting into some of the classes you wanted! Love that scarf…what pattern is it?

    We should be in town for the 20th since it’s Father’s Day weekend…out side of that I can’t make guarantees since we got the new motorhome! Hope to see you then!

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