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Ten on Tuesday

June 30, 2009

Yes, I skipped last week.   The theme was sports.   If you know me well at all you know sports are not my ‘thing’.   🙂  

The theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Guilty Pleasures on TV.  I can do this!!

1. Right now…..I watch Frasier almost every weeknight at 10:30.   Yes I’m well past repeats but once in awhile I see an episode I missed some how some way.   But that show does make me laugh.  

2. Big Brother.   The first time I heard the pitch for it I rolled my eyes and wondered how on earth someone could come up with a show like this.   I watched and I’m addicted.   Every summer when the new show comes on I think there can’t be a group of folks more repulsive or immature.   I also think why am I watching this?   And I continue to watch and am thoroughly addicted.   No more explanation.   Sorry.

3.  2.5 Men.    Silly show with adult innuendo.   It makes me laugh.

4. Dancing With the Stars (which is not on right now).   I grew up wishing I could dance.   We didn’t have extra money when I was growing up so once we did I had a choice:   piano or dance lessons.   Piano trumped because the piano would go in my room, an object I could see, touch and play every day.   I still wish I could dance and love watching others do the intricate steps on DWTS.

5. Project Runway.   Another show that isn’t on at the moment but I love seeing the fashion unfold, the drama of the queens and the gals and well…need I say more?  

6. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.   As a kid, taking vacation was exciting but we either had to take the cheap route (staying in the camper and eating sandwiches) or we had to eat in a known chain place.   Daddy didn’t like taking chances with an unknown when it came to food.   So as an adult I get to play by my rules and those are:   you can’t eat at a place you have at home.   DDD tells me about places that I might visit someday.   Plus I love seeing how some of this stuff is made. 

7. The Next Food Network Star.   I only discovered this show the season Aaron McCargo won.   I so wished I could have seen the season with Guy Fieri.   This particular season seems to have several contestants who don’t quite get it.  

8. Desperate Housewives.   I love it.   No explanation.  

9. Gray’s Anatomy.   I don’t love it like I used to.   I honestly think this show would be great without Meredith and McDreamy for that matter.   I am glad Izzie is coming back.  

10. The Newlyweds.   I like this show.   I love how they put the couples through the steps to see how well they communicate and work together.   It’s also funny.  


I’m sure there are many other shows I watch more than the 10 listed above but none are popping into my head at the moment.


What’s going on today…

June 23, 2009


June 16, 2009

Ok, the reason I don’t blog very often is because most often I am lacking content.   I spare you from hearing the details of the daily grind at work and you should thank me for that.  😉   I am knitting most days but when working on a piece that goes on forever and ever I don’t really want to clutter up hard drive space and webspace showing yet again another picture of the same scarf I showed you last time.   All of this to say I’m going to start participating in Ten on Tuesday!!!!  

Here it is Ten on Tuesday .  The theme for this week is 10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island. 

1.  A nice tall man (emphasis on nice).

2.  Lexi (and she may be number 1 if the tall man isn’t nice but I digress)

3.  Sun screen because I have the complexion of a red head.

4.  Ten tons of bottled water (btw did you know that you can use the empty bottles so that condensation can form resulting in a water supply?  just saying).

5.   My pillow (are you getting the drift that my comfort takes a priority here?)

6.  Materials with which to knit and that includes every needle I own, every skein of yarn I own, all patterns and every implement needed.  Whew!   And those of you who have a clue about my stash know I could knit for a year or more on my stash alone.  🙂

7.   Many books including one entitled “How to Survive on a Desert Island. 

8.  Carmex (the lipstick variety)

9.  Bug spray (yes, I’m a woosie when it comes to insects).

10.  My favorite knitting peeps (and you KNOW who you are)!

Knit on and prosper!

To go where no man has ever gone……

June 7, 2009

That’s right.   We went to see Star Trek today.   First let me say I am not a science fiction fan but let’s face it I grew up on the original Star Trek.   So science fiction or not, it’s part of my childhood.   I had no real excitement to see the movie when I first heard it was coming out.   Then I heard a few people talking about how good it was and had someone else who went to see it two times in about that many weeks.   lol   I decided I needed to see it on the big screen.   It is good.   It grabs you from the first minute and except for one brief moment, keeps your attention the entire movie.   I read somewhere else that the movie stayed true to the old Star Trek and that is 100% true.   And without revealing too much there is a blending of the old with the new.   I loved it and would highly recommend it.   It is the best movie I’ve seen in a long while.

Knitting front:   Still plugging away with the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite…again I can’t begin to say how much I enjoy knitting with that yarn.   I’m going to get more in August since she’ll be at Sock Summit.  Yay!

Don’t have anything more.    Oh wait…knit on and prosper!   😉

Monday June 1

June 1, 2009

Have you ever started walking to your car in the grocery store parking lot only to realize you can’t remember where you parked?   It happens to me ever so often.   Most often it happens at the Wal*art parking lot.   You know the HUGE parking lots where you have to wander for a couple of rows…..yeah that is where it happens most to me.   I’ve always wondered if it is just part of aging.   Well today I found out it isn’t.   Let me preface this with I promise I’m not being tacky, ok?   lol   I noticed a lady in her early 30’s coming out of the grocery store.   She was dressed in a sharp outfit with heels on that would break one’s neck if you fell out of them.    She was walking with purpose.   Marching with her cart of groceries straight to her car.   I was pushing my empty cart to the cart carrel  when I noticed she hesitated.   She kept her back very straight (she had poster to be envied) and turned her cart to the right and made a sudden cut through the line of cars.   When I turned around to walk back to my car she was pushing her cart up the next row away from the direction she had been walking.   I couldn’t help but smile.   I hope no one saw me because they wouldn’t understand.   She made me feel better and not so old all because she couldn’t find her car.   🙂

I reached my goal last month.   You didn’t know about it because I didn’t tell anyone until I had made it.   When I came back from Atlanta I made a goal of knitting every single day for a month.   I made it!   There was one night where I was really tired and didn’t want to pick up the needles but I did.   When I first started knitting again I probably knitted every single day for months on end.   But somewhere along the past 5 years that stopped.   I’m going to try to set aside some time every day to knit.   Wish me continued success!

I’m working on the same scarf I showed last post.   I can’t tell you enough how much I love the Hardtwist Petite.   I plan on buying more when I attend Sock Summit.

No pictures tonight since the scarf looks the same only a few  inches longer.   It’s past my bedtime and my eyes are drooping.

Knit on!