Monday June 1

Have you ever started walking to your car in the grocery store parking lot only to realize you can’t remember where you parked?   It happens to me ever so often.   Most often it happens at the Wal*art parking lot.   You know the HUGE parking lots where you have to wander for a couple of rows…..yeah that is where it happens most to me.   I’ve always wondered if it is just part of aging.   Well today I found out it isn’t.   Let me preface this with I promise I’m not being tacky, ok?   lol   I noticed a lady in her early 30’s coming out of the grocery store.   She was dressed in a sharp outfit with heels on that would break one’s neck if you fell out of them.    She was walking with purpose.   Marching with her cart of groceries straight to her car.   I was pushing my empty cart to the cart carrel  when I noticed she hesitated.   She kept her back very straight (she had poster to be envied) and turned her cart to the right and made a sudden cut through the line of cars.   When I turned around to walk back to my car she was pushing her cart up the next row away from the direction she had been walking.   I couldn’t help but smile.   I hope no one saw me because they wouldn’t understand.   She made me feel better and not so old all because she couldn’t find her car.   🙂

I reached my goal last month.   You didn’t know about it because I didn’t tell anyone until I had made it.   When I came back from Atlanta I made a goal of knitting every single day for a month.   I made it!   There was one night where I was really tired and didn’t want to pick up the needles but I did.   When I first started knitting again I probably knitted every single day for months on end.   But somewhere along the past 5 years that stopped.   I’m going to try to set aside some time every day to knit.   Wish me continued success!

I’m working on the same scarf I showed last post.   I can’t tell you enough how much I love the Hardtwist Petite.   I plan on buying more when I attend Sock Summit.

No pictures tonight since the scarf looks the same only a few  inches longer.   It’s past my bedtime and my eyes are drooping.

Knit on!


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